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Core Strength, Your Strength!

Here is why you need to work your core: your core, made up of the abdominal muscles, is associated with your third chakra. Your Third Chakra is about who you are and your ability to move forward in this life.

Balancing the third chakra builds your courage and helps you harness your personal power.

It will help you set things in motion and see things through.

It’s about not quitting this time!

It’s about your self esteem.

Each and every time you criticize yourself you weaken this chakra. Each and every time you judge another, you weaken this chakra.

Your judgmental attitude weakens you and keeps you stuck.

Do more ab work.



Just For Today

Set aside all judgment, all criticism, and all need to be in control of everyone and everything.

The one thing that you’re in full control of is your reaction to any given situation…that’s it.

Let go of your need for anyone or anything to be any different than it is. When you free up all that energy you might decide it’s worth doing again tomorrow, and the next day, and so on.