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Who You’ve Become

This statement made by Kundalini Yogi, Siri Atma S. Khalsa, M.D., moved me from the first time I read it and has stuck with me:

“The distance between who you are supposed to be and who you’ve become is the amount of disease, suffering and depression you manifest in your life to compel you to close this gap.”

You don’t create change when you’re comfortable. You create change when things become uncomfortable, or worse, when they become unbearable.

 If you’re lucky you start making changes when things are only at the slightly uncomfortable stage and still have the energy to deal with the situation.

For instance, you know it’s important to rest when you feel run down. Don’t wait until it turns into bronchitis or pneumonia.

Similar parallels run in every aspect of your life.

You’re supposed to look for new work when you’re ready for a greater challenge, not when you’re burnt out from doing something you’ve hated for so long it’s become normal to dread every weekday of your life and live for only the weekends.

I believe in the strength of group energy. This is one of the reasons I love teaching big classes, and also why I’ve created online communities of support in my online courses. When you practice yoga alone, you’ll never challenge yourself to the same degree as when you’re carried along by the energy of the collective.

Kundalini Yoga has a multitude of nervous system exercises that involve keeping your arms up for a LONG time. I often tell students that if they put their arms down, their neighbours will too, and it will be their fault the neighbour didn’t see the exercise through.

When you stay strong, you encourage others to do the same.
When you take good care of yourself, you encourage others to do the same.
And most importantly when you live life authentically in full alignment with your True Self you begin to live your purpose and this encourages others to do the same too.

Who is your True Self? 

The only way to answer that question is through connecting with the stillness within you in meditative states, free from constant distraction.  And, it’s an online journey I will be taking with students very soon.

As you’re at the beginning of a fresh new year, it’s a great time to ride the collective energy of change that’s in the air.

What area of your life has become uncomfortable?
 What do you need to address before it becomes a crisis?
 What have you been neglecting? 

Is it your health, your relationship, your career, your spiritual life?

You could choose to set an intention for each aspect of your life (health, relationship, spiritual life, career), or something I like to do is just ask…what’s important to you now?

I’ve gotten in the habit of asking this question daily and I use it as a guiding principle for what needs my attention.

If you’re ready to go on a journey of self- exploration with an incredible community of support, have a look at my new online course, Meditate to Master Your Mind, and fire questions my way,

Sat Nam,
Gloria Latham

It’s Not Too Late

Happy New Year!

Have you set an intention for 2017?

It’s important to declare what’s important to you NOW, at this point in your life.

Your life goals need constant re-evaluation and should be inclusive of every aspect of yourself…your health, spiritual life, relationship, and career.

Each New Year brings with it renewed hope and a chance for a new beginning. 

But it’s important to set your intentions not just at the start of the year but at the start of each day.

Pre-decide what your day will look like, feel like and be for you. This is a big theme in my upcoming Online Kundalini Mastery Series.

For instance, if one of your goals is to improve your relationships then before you spend time with others decide to be more caring and compassionate and less reactive.

Change is difficult especially once you’ve fallen into habitual patterns of relating to one another. You need to reset your intentions and remind yourself of them daily.

Practices of yoga and meditation are incredible tools for self-reflection, and their benefits should be seeping their way into your life.

 If this hasn’t happened yet, renew your commitments.

It’s only through small, daily self-corrections that you can lead yourself to the life you’ve been intending to live. 

Also, let’s be clear… goals and intentions aren’t just about having more.

This New Year set goals for yourself that lead you to wake up every day with more energy, and enthusiasm for your life, and more peace and love in your heart.

All through the holiday season, I’ve been working on my new online course, Meditate to Master Your Mind. The daily principle of self-reflection is life changing and I can’t wait to share this course with you very soon.
Sat Nam,

Gloria Latham

What’s Your Answer?

Are you crystal clear on what you want to manifest in 2017?

The first few weeks of the year are the perfect time to get clear on how you want your life to look in one year from now.

Are you tired of setting goals or intentions?

If you’re resistant to setting an intention or goal for 2017 it could be because you keep letting yourself down.

To start living the life you want, start directing your energy towards what has the deepest meaning for you. Learn to focus your attention and your energy. This is becoming increasingly important at a time when unprecedented volumes of information and notifications are coming at you.

Take control! Master your mind!

Remind yourself that all your gadgets have an “off” button. And learn how to use your own “off” button.

What do I mean by your “off” button?

Talk/text/message less and listen/meditate more.
Get so quiet inside that you find the wisdom and guidance that is there for you.

When you’re so wrapped up in everyone else’s stories you forget that you have your own story to live. That story is your life purpose and it will eat away at you until it is expressed.

To accomplish more this year, power off, be still and create the focused attention yoga and meditation can give you.

Yoga is an energy management system. How are you using your precious energy?

It’s time to take control of your minutes that create your days that create your life.
Don’t let another year slip by without expressing your authentic self and your life purpose. Yoga will lead you to deep states of meditation to master your mind, overcome your fears and live your dreams.

What are three things that happened in 2016 that you’re most grateful for?




In one year from now, I will be grateful that:
(I did, I spent time with, I said, experienced, loved, travelled to, studied, ………fill in the blank)

If you want to learn more about how you can access that place of wisdom and peace within you, please sign up to get updates on my upcoming online Self Mastery Program.

Sat Nam,
Gloria Latham