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My 5 Health Tips

I was asked in an interview yesterday what my top five tips are for good health. So, here they are:

1. My number 1 non-negotiable is establishing a daily practice
A daily practice of yoga and meditation is life changing. An occasional practice is nothing more than a nice stretching exercise. You need time each day to connect with your inner guidance and your higher conscious. You can experience that same connection when you spend time in nature or in any activity that puts you in a state of flow where you lose all sense of time.Your practice some days might be as little as a few minutes focused on your breath and other days it could be a full 90 minute yoga practice and meditation. You’ll find that the more you make this a non-negotiable part of your day, the more time will appear for you. Why? Because you’ve set yourself up for your day properly. By slowing down you accomplish more. You’ll no longer have to waste time undoing damage created by rushing into your day unfocused and ungrounded.

2. The three hour rule
When it comes to diet there is one rule I like to go by, and that’s to consider how you’ll feel three hours after eating your meal. It brings greater awareness to how your food choices can either elevate your energy or drag you down. If I’m teaching at night, I have to think about what will sustain my energy until 9:00pm because I’m accountable to my students. That helps me make better food choices. Although, a little caffeine helps too 🙂

3. Spend time in nature
Nature teaches us patience. Nothing in nature can be rushed. The sunrise takes as long as it takes, as does sunset. Plants and trees can’t be rushed to grow. It all takes as long as it takes. This reminds me that there is something to be said for divine timing. Everything happens when it’s time. Nature teaches us patience, and being in nature grounds as instantly and inspires us with its beauty.

4. Swim every day
Now, this isn’t something I’m able to do but oh how I’d love to swim in the ocean every day. There is something about the salt water and the power of the ocean that feels so cleansing. Every day you need to start fresh; cleanse yourself of yesterday. You need to let go of what happened yesterday and begin again. Today can be better than yesterday, and you can make tomorrow even better than today.

5. Nurture your relationships
When you’re with someone, really be with them. Listen to them and see them. It’s too easy to take the people in your life for granted. Don’t let that happen to you. Learning to be in relationship begins with understanding your relationship with yourself. This is one of the lessons in my new online immersion Heal Your Heart that will be available to you soon. You can find out more here.

Sat Nam
Gloria Latham

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice marks the half way point of the year, and the beginning of summer.

This movement from darkness to light is symbolic of your spiritual journey

What is a “spiritual journey?”

A spiritual journey, or the journey to enlightenment, simply put is getting to “know thyself.” You rediscover your true self to live authentically in alginment with your soul self/your higher conscious. You move from confusion to clarity.

Your true self, is not the persona you’ve created to be pleasing or accepted by others.

You true self, is the wisest part of you that never has any confusion over what decisions to make. It knows what is right for you and what is wrong and it makes decisions that are aligned with your higher good and the greater good of all. It’s the trusting, fearless part of you that you catch glimpses of when you’re feeling at your best, and in states of flow.

Your journey back to your self happens through increased self-awareness. This is one of the many gifts of a dedicated yoga and meditation practice. It shines the light of awareness on what you’ve kept hidden, even from yourself. You acknowledge your shadow side, take responsibility for it, and begin to create real and lasting change in your life.

In Kundalini Yoga, they say if you don’t want anything in your life to change, then don’t practice yoga. It’s impossible to have a dedicated practice and not experience dramatic life change.

The sun/the light of awareness, casts light on our shadow side. The high energy days of summer give us the energy we need to take action. The winter months were your time of introspection and now the high energy days of summer make it easier to create the changes you’ve envisioned for yourself.

My question to you is, how are you going to make this your best summer yet?


Gloria Latham

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Start Today

I remember a conversation with my mother years ago where she said, ‘it’s hard to die.”

I didn’t understand exactly what she was getting at. Obviously dying is painful and emotional but I now have a greater grasp of what she was trying to convey by understanding that death is a process.

Death is a process and our entire lifetime should be a preparation for a good death.

A “good death” means being at peace.

I hope this conversation doesn’t strike you as negative, but I think contemplating death is what helps us live a good life. What if something were to happen to someone you love right now.

What are the words you left unsaid?

What are the apologies you have yet to make?

And, those dreams of yours… did you let them die?

I not only contemplate death, a lot, I also spend time watching elderly people in the final stages of their life. I watch how they move, and see their youthful spirit trapped in bodies that fail to move with the ease they once did. I think about what it will be like to be trapped inside a slow moving body, wanting to move, to dance, to run or even just walk across the room, and not being able to. This happens in old age but it also happens when we become ill.

We don’t know what lays ahead of us, and so in contemplating aging, illness and death, we can better honour each day of health we’re given.

Connecting to your own mortality can be powerful if you let it be the fuel to face your fears and do the things you’ve already put off for far too long.

Let go of your fears, have real conversations, and break your heart wide open.

This is just some of the work you’ll explore in my new Heal Your Heart, online Kundalini yoga immersion. To find out more click here