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Make Room For Today

In a recent yoga class, my teacher suggested we end class with Lion’s breath to “make room for your day.” Lion’s breath is a breath technique where you exhale powerfully through your mouth with your tongue hanging out… not very attractive, but very effective!
Make room for today

The teacher’s simple suggestion triggered something in me. In that moment I felt so full of yesterday (all my yesterdays) that I couldn’t imagine having space for anything more.

How do you create a vibrant life for yourself when you’re still holding onto the past? You can’t. Instead of building your future, you recreate your past. You end up having the same arguments again and again, end up working the same jobs with the same bosses, or dating the same person again! I don’t mean exactly the same person or job, but the recreation of the same dynamics in a new job or with a similar new partner.

How much room is there in your heart or your mind for anything new? I end all my classes these days by asking students to make more space in their hearts. I don’t know how they interpret “make more space in your heart”, but for me space in my heart means creating room for forgiveness, love and a sense of freedom.

Breath techniques create a feeling of spaciousness. When you breathe deeply you feel the space in your heart and mind expand. You feel full of strength and life. When you exhale fully, you experience a sense of emptying out, a sense of freedom and release. The breath techniques you practice in yoga create room for your day. You inhale the strength to carry on with love and you exhale to feel free. Free of the past and its repeating patterns that keep you stuck.

On those days you can’t make it to class, think about the power of your breath and how profoundly it can affect your emotional state and your life. Do you need to stop and do three rounds of lion’s breath before heading out your door?

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Sat Nam
Gloria Latham

That Time I Caught Myself

That time I caught myself

One time I caught myself listening to a meditation CD in fast forwad. WOAH! Talk about a sign that you’re out of balance. The irony is that if you actually sit and meditate consistently, you will find your sense of time expand. You will never find yourself in a crazed state of trying to do a meditation in fast forward!

Finding time is not possible. You’ll never ”find time”, you have to take it. What are your non-negotiables in your life? What are the things you must have in your life to be at your best everyday? Is it exercise, time alone, time for contemplation and time with the people you love? You need all of that to have a balanced life. Take out your to do list and start scratching things off it now and make space for the non-negotiables. Start a non-negotiables list for yourself. List the things that you need in your day, your week, the month, the year to start loving your life again.

Who are the people you want in those days, and what do you need to do just for you? Even if no one understands your passions, they will understand that you’re a happier person when you take the time to do them.

Write out your non –neogtiables





Sat Nam

Gloria Latham