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Owning Time

I’m working very hard to change my relationship with time.

I’d like to feel that I own time and it no longer owns me.

One of the things that helps me the most is when I slow down. It’s ironic because you’d think that going slower would just create more stress. If I sit in complete stillness for even as little as five minutes, I gain clarity that saves a lot of wasted time running around in panic mode.

Meditation keeps me from being reactive.

There will always feel like there are hundreds of fires to put out…so many things that urgently need my attention but in truth, I can only do one thing at a time.

I’ve learned that trying to do too much just means I do a lot of things poorly.

If I’m having a conversation with you, then I want to be fully absorbed in you in this moment.

If I’m in class, I want to give my full attention to class.

If I’m sipping a coffee, I want to savour every drop.

As best as I can, I’m going to start taking life one thing at a time.

Sat Nam

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Fill in the Blanks

Does it always take some sort of life crisis to instigate change? For some of us procrastinators this is often the case. If you’re lucky though, after a few shake ups, you’ll start looking for the part you’re playing in creating your dramas and take back control of your life.

The long dark days you’re currently experiencing create the perfect conditions for this introspective work that will instigate profound life change.

This is where your yoga practice comes in.

Your practice creates time and space for self-reflection. It takes the focus off of others so you start to see your behaviours more clearly than ever before.

As this is can be the busiest time of year, you really need your practice more than ever. How you move New Year, sets the tone for what this next year can be about for you.

Get clear now on your deepest desire for yourself in 2017, and start directing your energy towards that.

Take the focus off of all the external influences you think are holding you back.

It’s only YOU that holds you back. It’s time to recommit and deepen your yoga practice, spend a few extra moments in meditation daily, and release who and what you thought has been standing in your way.

Set your intention now.

What I want for myself in 2017 is____________________

What is it you want? Is it more love, greater peace, more fun….go ahead and fill in the blank.

Sat Nam

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New Beginnings

I was describing my schedule to a group of students last week, expressing how grateful I am that for over twenty years teaching has been a part of my daily life. My classes are scheduled into my calendar before anything else, and everything is adapted to fit that schedule.

Teaching daily also necessitates that I study daily.

As a result, two important aspects of self-care are always in my schedule: daily practice and svadhyaya (self-study).

Slowly over the years, you’ve all become my “accountability” partners. To deliver a class or an online course that meets your needs, I can’t let my daily routine slip. In fact, I’m afraid to. I owe my commitment to you.

Can you find someone to hold you accountable?

Sometimes promising a friend you’ll meet them in class makes it easier to get there. For whatever reason, you find it easier to honour commitments you’ve made to others than ones you’ve made to yourself.

Try it for a few weeks, and see if you don’t become more consistent with your class attendance.

Why is this important?

Yoga practiced once a week is a lovely stretching exercise; yoga practiced at least three times weekly (better yet, daily), is life changing.

At the same time, watch out for the little ways in which you tend to let yourself down.

Do you do what you say? How often do you lie to yourself?

This is important! Letting yourself down erodes your faith. How are you going to get your big dreams done if you don’t keep even the small promises you’ve made with yourself?

Do what you say you will.

It’s okay to change your mind and renegotiate your commitments to yourself, but no more lying.

If you’ve promised yourself you will do X, Y or Z… get to it!
Today is a new beginning.

Sat Nam,

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