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Intentional and Unintentional Illness

Sometimes, we  make ourselves sick because we desperately need a break and we don’t allow ourselves to take one.  That is intentional illness. We push and push until the body screams ENOUGH!  Your health is your responsibility. What choices are you going to make today to stay in health? How many people will you be letting down if you don’t stay well? If you can’t do it for yourself then do it for the people in your life who want you to be well…to be vibrant, to be healthy, to be full of life! This video will help you boost your immune system. Give it a try.

Sick and Tired of Being Sick

Define Happiness

The Internal Technology of Happiness presented by Max Strom gave me lots to think about.

I won’t give away all ten “life illuminating” questions he asked us to consider this weekend but here is one for you:
How do you define happiness?

-avoid one word answers


Write your answer down, and put it somewhere you will see it every day. Update your definition as often as necessary.

What stuck with me…Max advised us to “never let your definition of happiness be vague again.” And, he advised us to share our definition with others.

Here is a peak at the cover of his new book. We have lots to learn from this great teacher

There Is No App for Happiness