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I’m about to board my flight to Oahu where I’ll be teaching yoga and meditation at the Wanderlust Festival. When I first got the call to teach meditation, I asked, “do you know how noisy I am?” I had to be sure the festival organizers were open to a meditation class that what was active and maybe a bit loud.

I like to think of Kundalini yoga meditations as meditations for non-meditators. That is, meditation for the people who struggle most to be still.

The challenge with being still is that the minute the body becomes still, the mind becomes active. All those thoughts we try so hard to supress with our busyness come to the surface, and these thoughts can by ugly and angry.

The challenge with being still is that the minute the body becomes still, the mind becomes active. All those thoughts we try so hard to supress with our busyness come to the surface, and these thoughts can by ugly and angry.

That is where your power is, in being fully present for each moment of your life. Not lost in memories of the past or projecting ahead to what might happen in the future.

Your mind is an incredible storyteller, it generates thousands of thoughts per second, and has the ability to choose a thought and create drama and internal turmoil.

One of the most freeing things one of my teachers said to me was, “if you’re having a thought you don’t like, choose another one.”

It can be that simple to choose peace.
Your internal chatter might be full of “what ifs”
What if the relationship doesn’t work out?
What if I don’t get that promotion at work?
What if my car breaks down and I can’t afford a new one?

Stop directing your energy at all the things you don’t want to happen and start creating peace inside your heart and mind. From this centered place, you’ll be able to handle whatever challenge comes your way. And there will be challenges because it’s our challenges that make us grow.

Today I choose peace, and I will sweat, dance, laugh and sing until I can find that place of stillness and calm that resides in each and everyone one of us at all times.

Sat Nam

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Follow Your Heart

My big lesson this past year is that life changes in an instant. From global happenings like the Paris attacks to matters closer to home, the message came through loud
and clear.

It’s time to reconnect with the people and things that bring you joy. You will never have more time than you have now…your future self will still only have 24 hours in a day. Who and what are going to be included in those 24 hours?

You can’t run from things in life that need to get done but you can work on bringing more joy into your life now! Today!

To follow your heart means you start paying attention to the people and things that quicken your pulse and steer clear of the things that make you constrict or feel dead inside.

Your heart doesn’t care about your job title, your status or your car.

Your heart guides you towards your passion and your purpose. It might not know exactly how you’ll get there, but keep listening and let it lead you.

The mind is a tricky guide because of its ability to rationalize anything. The heart doesn’t rationalize, it just knows.

What you desire might not be rational to anyone else or even yourself at times, but remember your greatest regrets come from not following your heart; your passions. Let your passions lead you back to your authentic self, your purpose and to the people and life choices that support your journey.

Following your heart doesn’t mean acting impulsively on your every whim, but my guess is you should act on more of them.

If you’re seeking clarity so that you can start following your heart’s desires, my new online course, Crystallize Your Vision is starting Spring 2016. To get on the mailing list to find out more, visit the Crystallize Your Vision information page.

My Friend Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer and I have been friends since I opened my mind to his work a couple of years ago. Although his books were available everywhere from drugstores to the BC Ferries gift shop, it took me years to warm to him. I’d look at his book covers that often had his photos on them, and think what kind of wisdom is some middle aged guy going to offer me? What can he possibly know about what I’m going through? One audiobook and I was hooked!

I was preparing for a course I was teaching and almost every Google search I did on the topic kept bringing up some work of Wayne’s. I gave in. I read a few articles, and then downloaded one of his audiobooks. I found his voice soothing. I found his words inspiring, and most of all, I appreciated how very real and human he was.

Here was a man who overcame adversity and addiction, to become one of the world’s most inspiring wisdom teachers.

Captivated, I found myself listening to his work often…turbulence on a flight, let’s plug into Wayne. Feeling a bit down and need a pick me up? Back to Wayne.

Robin Sharma says this:

“You become who you drink coffee with. Associate only with positive, focused people who you can learn from and who will not drain your valuable energy with complaining and uninspiring attitudes. By developing relationships with those committed to constant improvement and the pursuit of the best that life has to offer, you will have plenty of company on your path to the top of whatever mountain you seek to climb.”

This is why I choose to hang out with Wayne.

I regret that I will never meet him. I was late for this, but I’m grateful that his inspiring words live on.


What lies in your subconscious limits you. You can breakdown or you can breakthrough, the choice is yours.

Break through your self imposed limitations through chakra work to face your fears and transform your life.

Breaking through your self imposed limitations requires you to strengthen your will and free your spirit. Are you ready for the challenge?

On Monday April 6th, we begin a Kundalini Immersion focused on clearing subconscious blocks.

The schedule isn’t an easy one. It involves LOTS of early mornings. After working closely with groups on retreats, I’ve decided this is a really great format to create change.

Why? Because an immersion means you show up daily and get nudged a little further down the path.

There is no hiding and falling back into old patterns.