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Joy Yoga interviews Gloria Latham

Semperviva’s Gloria Latham talks to Joy Yoga about work, play and a kickstart to a dream.”I always say that yoga is simply practice for life. In yoga we put ourselves in uncomfortable positions and challenge ourselves to remain calm, and balanced by using the breath. This is simply life training. In life, we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations constantly, and automatically through the practice of yoga, the breath techniques we learn in class filter into our lives and provide as with the calm and balance we need to live a full and more peaceful life.’
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Semperviva voted # 1 Yoga Studio in Vancouver by Courier

Semperviva has just been voted the number 1 Yoga Studio in Vancouver for 2010 by the Vancouver Courier. When myself and Scott started Semperviva, our business plan was simple. To create a space that would help people to feel good about themselves and their lives. When I see results like this we realize that what started out as a dream is truly a reality.

Today’s Woman – Making every moment count

Gloria opened Vancouver’s Semperviva to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible. An ardent advocate of doing yoga in nature, Gloria also leads retreats on the Gulf Islands as well as the Greek Island of Kythira.“Gloria is revolutionizing yoga in Vancouver,” enthuse one of her students,“and bringing it to those who would otherwise avoid it. She’ll change the world!”
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Yoga’s a perfect fit for Vancouver

Journalist Gail Johnston talks to Gloria Latham about the benefits of Yoga. “Tranquility is just one of the benefits of yoga. So is getting into better shape. According to Latham, yoga-derived physical fitness is different than that of conventional exercise. Herself a runner, Latham explains that going for a jog gives you a great high, but it’s followed soon after by a crash. Not yoga. “The breath work involved in yoga completely regenerates you,” she says. “Obviously, regular yoga practice yields greater flexibility, which only becomes more important with age. Yet all too often people shy away from it because they fear they aren’t pliable enough. Latham stresses that there is a form to suit everyone.”
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