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Your Truth

TruthYour truth is simply that…”your” truth.

Or maybe it’s only just “your” opinion.

Saying it louder, saying it stronger, doesn’t make it more true.

At the end of the day, it is still only “your” truth or “your” opinion.

Ask yourself, “do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?”

Today I choose and pray for peace.

It’s Now Tomorrow

You know that thing you were going to get started on tomorrow…it’s now tomorrow!

Every time you let yourself down, you train yourself that you don’t matter.

When is your life going to start being important to you?

If you allow yourself to live your best, most fulfilling life, you give permission to others to do the same.

The time is now.




Relax Fast!

How much of your energy is tied up in what happened yesterday? Drop it, let go and relax fast.

You don’t know what is coming next and how will you be ready for it, if all your energy is tied up in yesterday?

There is nothing you can do about yesterday.

Dragging yesterday into today will ruin your tomorrow. Learn how to relax quickly. The minute you find your breath become erratic, figure out why, and then drop it. Don’t tie your energy up in what is already over.

Relax fast, and be ready for life.


Procrastination is an Addiction

Stretch PoseStretch Pose

For 10 years I avoided teaching stretch pose.

And then, one New Years Eve I made it my New Year’s Resolution to do stretch pose every single day.

Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, this means my students do A LOT of stretch pose.

What’s the big deal about this pose?

Nothing happens for us in life until we develop our willpower and our stamina.

We start something and then we quit. Or even worse, we never even get started.

If there is something you’re avoiding in your life (HA!), start your day with stretch pose.

It will give you the strength and stamina to see things through.

Don’t quit, EVER, because guess what? Quitting becomes a habit.

That’s right, procrastination is an addiction!


Be Open To What Life Wants To Bring You-reflections on a Yoga Retreat

DSCN0699There is a magic that happens when we finally allow life to happen…when we ALLOW ourselves to receive what life wants to bring us.

When we do yoga or practices that put us in “our zone,” we fall into a place of acceptance. We stop struggling against life so that we can see clearly how it is we are living. We become fully present so that we are awake and engaged in life and can  make the best choices to create our best life.

If we are constantly struggling against life, we’re not fully present to shape the life that is ours.

“Remember, life always offers you a second chance, it’s called tomorrow”