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I’ve been on the road for over a month now and I’m excited to get back to teaching at Semperviva tomorrow. As my trip and the Easter weekend draw to a close I find the word “resurrection” playing on my mind.

yourdictionary definition:

”Coming back to life.”

Cambrige English Dictionary definition:

”The act of bringing something that had disappeared or ended back into use or existence.”


There are things you once promised yourself you would do that have been left undone. What happened to your creative side? What happened to the adventurer in you? Stepping away from your day to day routine gives you greater perspective and clarity on your life. It’s one of the greatest gifts of travel. 
But this clarity is just as available to you through your practice of yoga and meditation. You don’t have to travel any farther than your yoga mat to increase your self-awareness and become a keen observer of your actions, and understand the results of those actions.
I watched a comedy the other night that ironically left me feeling quite sad. The movie was fantastic but it touched on the heartache of dealing with aging parents, children leaving home, and the precariousness of intimate relationships. It stirred up a lot emotionally! Time is fleeting and the important relationships in your life need nurturing, as does the relationship with yourself.

What aspects of yourself have you let die? Being fully alive means resurrecting those lost parts of you.

Thankfully, spring equinox signals a time of new beginnings. There is no need to dwell on what hasn’t worked out. Being that keen observer of your life and actions, recognize what has been neglected and choose the actions that will get you closer to who you want to be.

Its up to you to DO something.

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Whose Voices Are In Your Head

I’ve been teaching at the Wanderlust Festival in Oahu this weekend and am amazed at how many students are having their very first experience of yoga here. I’ve heard many students say that doing yoga feels like coming home. It feels like coming back to your self.

We seek answers on everything from nutrition to our personal happiness everywhere but from ourselves. Practicing yoga allows you to reconnect to the only person who can give you expert advice on you.

The practice silences the incessant chatter in your mind, all the expectations you’ve internalized and all the things you think you “should” be doing.

As the mind settles you gain clarity with what you want.

I’m not surprised when I ask students what their dream is and they say, “I don’t know.” They can probably tell you what their parents, partners or even employers want for them but they can’t verbalize what they want.

There is a fear of asking for what you want. Do I deserve it? Can I really have it? Will I fail? Will I succeed?

Are you waiting for someone else’s permission before you start going after your dream?

There are powerful, cathartic practices to silence the voices in your head leading you away from your dream.
My Crystallize Your Vision program begins with these practices. You can find out more here.

My next stop is the International Yoga Festival in India.
May the long time sun shine upon you.

Sat Nam

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