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The beauty and the heartache

I’ve been in San Francisco this week soaking up the beauty of this city; its incredible Victorian architecture, the Golden Gate Bridge, its streetcars, and its fantastic cafes.
Like many big cities there is also a lot of homelessness. It’s made me think about the importance of community and the need to support each other.
Rolf Gates, one of my favourite teachers said to me once, “it only takes one person to really see you for who you are, to change everything for you.”
Everyone needs to feel seen, heard and cared for…everyone needs the support of community. Our lives have become complex and our need to uplift each other is greater than ever before.

What is your dream? What are the things you do to nurture yourself and how do you give back and serve others?

By supporting yourself, you have the energy and the ability to be there for others. As a result, we all live better lives full of love and compassion.

I’m completing the work on my Crystallize Your Vision online program. It’s been a huge learning curve for me as I try to re-create the intimacy and caring we experience with each other live in an online journey. I’m exploring lots of new ways to stay connected to each other. Nothing will ever replace the intimacy of being close to one other but this is for the times in between.

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Happy Endings

I’m on the ferry heading over to Galiano Island for one of our Yoga Retreats.

I’ll spend the weekend hiking, doing yoga, and soaking up the beauty of the West coast from its eagles to its orca whales.

At the end of each day, you’ll find me curled up by the wood stove lost in a book.

One of the things I love about a good read, is getting caught in the suspense of the story. Someone I know finds this suspense so uncomfortable that she reads the book’s ending before beginning.

This makes me wonder how many people don’t go after their dreams because there are no guarantees things will turn out as desired. They want to know ahead of time that their efforts will be rewarded.

The rewards come in the doing.

Whatever challenges you overcome, whatever skills you acquire along the way, whatever new people and places you expose yourself to are your rewards. When you get to your dream, guess what? Another one appears

You can’t imagine all that is possible for you. You have to set your sights on one thing at a time, trust fully that you can do it and have the courage not to stall. Once that goal is accomplished you’ll be able to dream an even bolder dream because you’ve grown so much along the way…..your reward. If you’re unclear about your dream, my 6 day program is designed to help uncover it.

Don’t be afraid of this work, it will free energy that is inside of you. The pain that’s created by avoiding your life’s work is far greater than any pain created from the actual work itself.

There is something you’re longing to do. What is that thing? Taking steps, even small steps, always leads to success. The ending will be a happy one.

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Drop Your “I Can’t” Story

Saying or believing “I can’t”, weakens you. It feeds your doubts and fears, and gets in the way of living a fulfiling life. Your dreams require action but your doubts paralyze you.

Yogi Bhajan shared a meditation called,“Get Rid of your “couldn’t.”He said that, “all the problems on this planet come from this ‘couldn’t.’ It gives us a slip from our dharma, from our destiny… Kundalini Yoga takes away our ‘couldn’t’ and gives us our excellence.”

This meditation is one of a series of 6 meditations you’ll receive in my new online program Crystallize Your Vision. Kundalini Yoga offers countless practices and meditations that are fast and effective, and that is why it is the foundation of this course. Each day you will experience a new meditation and Kriya (exercise set) until your blocks are cleared and your vision is clarified.

Here is a breakdown of the 6 day process:

Day 1: The Ultimate Cleanse (first chakra)-detox your past and create space for your dreams. This is an extremely powerful cleanse that cleanses everything that stands between you and your dream. It unblocks your lower chakras and addresses everything from fear and anger, to low self-esteem.
Day 2: Own Your Power (third charka/core) – Access your true strength and step into the person you intended to become. “You are very powerful provided you know how powerful you are” – Yogi Bhajan
Day 3: Love It Into Being (fourth chakra/heart) – heart chakra practices ignite your passion for what you seek, and release past hurts and disappointments
Day 4: See Possibility (second chakra/hips) – Cultivate your creativity and start seeing possibility where currently you see only blocks.
Day 5: Receive (6th and 7th chakra/intuition and insights) – In addition to taking action and going after what you desire, you also need to be receptive to the quiet guidance that comes from within.You will learn to access that guidance
Day 6: Ask For It (fifth chakra/throat) – Now that you have cleared away your doubts, your fears and your confusion, confidently ask for what you want and allow yourself to receive it.

These 6 days can change everything.

Learn more about the Crystallize Your Vision Kundalini Immersion/Teacher Training starting next month.

May the long time sun shine upon you.


Keep Learning. Keep Growing.

”Too many people live the same year 80 times and call it a life”

When we commit to learning, we continue to grow. We don’t allow ourselves to stagnate and grow old. We age but we don’t get any older. Life stays exciting!

Here’s a question for you: How exciting are your Mondays?

If you don’t schedule time for something that lights you up, Mondays are definitely not going to get any better. You’ll be like the millions of others that dread the typical work week…..which means you’re going to hate up to 3,900 days of your life or more.

Since I began teaching yoga, Monday nights have become my favourite night of the week. The students are rested from the weekend, and the energy in the room is high. I love their commitment to the practice, and to mind-body health. Most of all, I love watching the friendships that form.

The rest of my Monday is like everyone else’s: hours on the laptop and endless responsibilities. But for 75 minutes, I’m with incredible people, experiencing a yoga journey; that changes everything. It feeds my soul.

Life changes shouldn’t always be a result of dramatic illness or simply burning out. Every day you can bring something fresh, new and exciting into your world, whether it’s reading an inspiring book, trying a new class, or exploring a different neighbourhood.

I’d like to say that I started living a healthier life before I burnt out but that isn’t true. I needed the hard lessons first. That is what prompted me to study yoga and why I continue to study each and every day of my life. I wish you ease and grace on all your journeys, and the courage to do the things that feed your soul.

This week, I’m honoured to be graduating 50 students from Semperviva’s Teacher Training College and an additional 22 students from the Kundalini Crystallize Your Vision Immersion. Watching the personal transformations has been inspiring!

Keep learning, keep growing.

If you’re feeling like you need a change, you can join me for my new online Crystallize Your Vision Kundalini Immersion/Teacher Training starting next month.