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Gloria Latham Blog Post

Where I’m At October 30th,2017

I’m writing this after completing my Friday morning class at our Kits Beach Studio.

It was one of those powerful mornings where the sun was streaming in the windows and the energy in the room was high. Towards the end of class, after all the dancing, sweating and singing we slowed things down. And as we all started to move more slowly and breathe more deeply, I thought about how important it is to sustain your energy.

The challenge you’re trying to see through, whether it’s the next set of 26 squats or 11 minutes of holding your arms up high or yet another plank, requires you to sustain your energy.

You know this…your strength doesn’t live in your muscles. Your strength comes from a place deep inside that you touch when you breathe deeply. One deep breath is all it takes to touch that place of calm strength that will sustain you – regardless of what you’re going through. You see, whatever challenge you’re facing might take some time to resolve.

Its ok, it’s just part of this journey. I know you want to know exactly when everything is going to be ok but honestly everything is ok right now. Whatever is happening right now is perfect. It’s part of your learning, and it’s part of your growth.

A few weeks back I talked to you about suffering and how you increase suffering by not facing what is.

That very same deep breath you take to get through the next set of frogs (squats), is the very same thing you need to do when you’re faced with something that feels too big to handle. You hear this said all the time because its true, “you’re never given more than you can handle.” So, whatever has landed in your lap and you need to find your way through, choose to find it with peace, grace and calm. Don’t go running scared and please drop your “I can’t story.” Because it’s a story, that’s all it is. You can and you will. And when you keep your energy high, and your thoughts positive, and your words and actions all at the highest vibration, you help everyone in your world get through too. Doubt, fear, blame, and anxiety have no place in your heart.

Whatever you’re ready to be free of, just breathe it out now. And decide to be free.

The work, the challenges, and all the things that seem insurmountable, are your gifts to embrace. Get super curious about what is happening and then take the deepest breath, connect to that pace of calm, and let’s all carry on.

Sat Nam,



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