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A Walk on the Wild Side-a noisier path to stillness

This workshop takes place  Sunday, March 3rd, 12:30-2:30pm  in Vancouver

Some of us are graced with quieter dispositions and the idea of sitting peacefully on a meditation cushion is pure bliss. Some of us need to take a noisier path to get there. Achieving inner stillness is critical to our wellbeing. It is only in stillness that we can hear and understand all that the universe wants to gift us. Stillness and peace is accessabile to all. If the quieter route challenges you, join us for a workshop that can show you how to find peace using a more playful method that involves, yoga, dance and song. Be brave!

This workshop is an exploration of the sixth chakra, and the wisdom it holds to grace your life. This workshop will give you tools for your own yoga and meditation practice, in addition to tools to share with your students.

Eligible for 5 hours of Yoga Alliance credits. Homework will be assigned to those taking this workshop for course credit.

All levels welcome. 80% asana, 20% theory.