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Fill in the Blanks December 15th,2016

Does it always take some sort of life crisis to instigate change? For some of us procrastinators this is often the case. If you’re lucky though, after a few shake ups, you’ll start looking for the part you’re playing in creating your dramas and take back control of your life.

The long dark days you’re currently experiencing create the perfect conditions for this introspective work that will instigate profound life change.

This is where your yoga practice comes in.

Your practice creates time and space for self-reflection. It takes the focus off of others so you start to see your behaviours more clearly than ever before.

As this is can be the busiest time of year, you really need your practice more than ever. How you move New Year, sets the tone for what this next year can be about for you.

Get clear now on your deepest desire for yourself in 2017, and start directing your energy towards that.

Take the focus off of all the external influences you think are holding you back.

It’s only YOU that holds you back. It’s time to recommit and deepen your yoga practice, spend a few extra moments in meditation daily, and release who and what you thought has been standing in your way.

Set your intention now.

What I want for myself in 2017 is____________________

What is it you want? Is it more love, greater peace, more fun….go ahead and fill in the blank.

Sat Nam

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