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My Friend Wayne Dyer February 10th,2016

Wayne Dyer and I have been friends since I opened my mind to his work a couple of years ago. Although his books were available everywhere from drugstores to the BC Ferries gift shop, it took me years to warm to him. I’d look at his book covers that often had his photos on them, and think what kind of wisdom is some middle aged guy going to offer me? What can he possibly know about what I’m going through? One audiobook and I was hooked!

I was preparing for a course I was teaching and almost every Google search I did on the topic kept bringing up some work of Wayne’s. I gave in. I read a few articles, and then downloaded one of his audiobooks. I found his voice soothing. I found his words inspiring, and most of all, I appreciated how very real and human he was.

Here was a man who overcame adversity and addiction, to become one of the world’s most inspiring wisdom teachers.

Captivated, I found myself listening to his work often…turbulence on a flight, let’s plug into Wayne. Feeling a bit down and need a pick me up? Back to Wayne.

Robin Sharma says this:

“You become who you drink coffee with. Associate only with positive, focused people who you can learn from and who will not drain your valuable energy with complaining and uninspiring attitudes. By developing relationships with those committed to constant improvement and the pursuit of the best that life has to offer, you will have plenty of company on your path to the top of whatever mountain you seek to climb.”

This is why I choose to hang out with Wayne.

I regret that I will never meet him. I was late for this, but I’m grateful that his inspiring words live on.


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