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Follow Your Heart February 10th,2016

My big lesson this past year is that life changes in an instant. From global happenings like the Paris attacks to matters closer to home, the message came through loud
and clear.

It’s time to reconnect with the people and things that bring you joy. You will never have more time than you have now…your future self will still only have 24 hours in a day. Who and what are going to be included in those 24 hours?

You can’t run from things in life that need to get done but you can work on bringing more joy into your life now! Today!

To follow your heart means you start paying attention to the people and things that quicken your pulse and steer clear of the things that make you constrict or feel dead inside.

Your heart doesn’t care about your job title, your status or your car.

Your heart guides you towards your passion and your purpose. It might not know exactly how you’ll get there, but keep listening and let it lead you.

The mind is a tricky guide because of its ability to rationalize anything. The heart doesn’t rationalize, it just knows.

What you desire might not be rational to anyone else or even yourself at times, but remember your greatest regrets come from not following your heart; your passions. Let your passions lead you back to your authentic self, your purpose and to the people and life choices that support your journey.

Following your heart doesn’t mean acting impulsively on your every whim, but my guess is you should act on more of them.

If you’re seeking clarity so that you can start following your heart’s desires, my new online course, Crystallize Your Vision is starting Spring 2016. To get on the mailing list to find out more, visit the Crystallize Your Vision information page.

My Friend Wayne Dyer