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How to give yourself permission to dream again

My students come to me again and again with the same struggle.

They set a goal. Work hard to reach it. And either end up giving up along the way…

Or they achieve their goal and still aren’t happy.


Because the goal they thought they wanted was not in alignment with what they truly wanted.

In this brief video I share:

• Why relying on your mind alone doesn’t work and why you self-sabotage…
• What happens when you lean into your vision, stop doubting yourself, and start valuing yourself…
• How my Self Mastery Series gives you the exact system for using your body to change your emotional state, break through blocks, and tap into your intuition…

Sat Nam,

Gloria Latham

P.S. – What’s really stopping you from reaching your dreams? I made a quick video for you. Click here to watch

P.P.S. – Next week, I’ll share why guided meditation isn’t really meditation.

Define Happiness

The Internal Technology of Happiness presented by Max Strom gave me lots to think about.

I won’t give away all ten “life illuminating” questions he asked us to consider this weekend but here is one for you:
How do you define happiness?

-avoid one word answers


Write your answer down, and put it somewhere you will see it every day. Update your definition as often as necessary.

What stuck with me…Max advised us to “never let your definition of happiness be vague again.” And, he advised us to share our definition with others.

Here is a peak at the cover of his new book. We have lots to learn from this great teacher

There Is No App for Happiness