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Why I Teach Kundalini Yoga

PeaceI came to Kundalini Yoga because my life wasn’t working. The level of stress in my work and home life was toxic even though I worked in a healing profession and knew all the right things to do for my personal health.

Without doing any research on Yoga Teacher Training programs or career paths, I signed up for my training in Kundalini Yoga. I know now that this was the right decision because this yoga suits my overactive mind, and restless energy best. Finding peace through stillness wasn’t possible for me at the time.

I never planned to teach Kundalini Yoga, run Yoga Studios, Retreats, or Yoga Teacher Trainings. It all came out of a deep desire to share with people the practice that had impacted me so profoundly.

Yoga has become my lifeline and I feel a responsibility to share its transformative power with others.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training will be held twice in 2014.

The Vancouver program begins January 24th, and runs over two weekends, http://www.semperviva.com/teacher-training/programs/kundalini-yoga-teacher-training-vancouver-with-gloria-latham/

The program in Greece runs August 25th-August 31st, http://www.semperviva.com/teacher-training/programs/kundalini-yoga-teacher-training-in-greece-with-gloria-latham/

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