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It’s Not Too Late January 08th,2017

Happy New Year!

Have you set an intention for 2017?

It’s important to declare what’s important to you NOW, at this point in your life.

Your life goals need constant re-evaluation and should be inclusive of every aspect of yourself…your health, spiritual life, relationship, and career.

Each New Year brings with it renewed hope and a chance for a new beginning. 

But it’s important to set your intentions not just at the start of the year but at the start of each day.

Pre-decide what your day will look like, feel like and be for you. This is a big theme in my upcoming Online Kundalini Mastery Series.

For instance, if one of your goals is to improve your relationships then before you spend time with others decide to be more caring and compassionate and less reactive.

Change is difficult especially once you’ve fallen into habitual patterns of relating to one another. You need to reset your intentions and remind yourself of them daily.

Practices of yoga and meditation are incredible tools for self-reflection, and their benefits should be seeping their way into your life.

 If this hasn’t happened yet, renew your commitments.

It’s only through small, daily self-corrections that you can lead yourself to the life you’ve been intending to live. 

Also, let’s be clear… goals and intentions aren’t just about having more.

This New Year set goals for yourself that lead you to wake up every day with more energy, and enthusiasm for your life, and more peace and love in your heart.

All through the holiday season, I’ve been working on my new online course, Meditate to Master Your Mind. The daily principle of self-reflection is life changing and I can’t wait to share this course with you very soon.
Sat Nam,

Gloria Latham

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