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What’s Your Answer? January 04th,2017

Are you crystal clear on what you want to manifest in 2017?

The first few weeks of the year are the perfect time to get clear on how you want your life to look in one year from now.

Are you tired of setting goals or intentions?

If you’re resistant to setting an intention or goal for 2017 it could be because you keep letting yourself down.

To start living the life you want, start directing your energy towards what has the deepest meaning for you. Learn to focus your attention and your energy. This is becoming increasingly important at a time when unprecedented volumes of information and notifications are coming at you.

Take control! Master your mind!

Remind yourself that all your gadgets have an “off” button. And learn how to use your own “off” button.

What do I mean by your “off” button?

Talk/text/message less and listen/meditate more.
Get so quiet inside that you find the wisdom and guidance that is there for you.

When you’re so wrapped up in everyone else’s stories you forget that you have your own story to live. That story is your life purpose and it will eat away at you until it is expressed.

To accomplish more this year, power off, be still and create the focused attention yoga and meditation can give you.

Yoga is an energy management system. How are you using your precious energy?

It’s time to take control of your minutes that create your days that create your life.
Don’t let another year slip by without expressing your authentic self and your life purpose. Yoga will lead you to deep states of meditation to master your mind, overcome your fears and live your dreams.

What are three things that happened in 2016 that you’re most grateful for?




In one year from now, I will be grateful that:
(I did, I spent time with, I said, experienced, loved, travelled to, studied, ………fill in the blank)

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Sat Nam,
Gloria Latham

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