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Happy Endings April 17th,2016

I’m on the ferry heading over to Galiano Island for one of our Yoga Retreats.

I’ll spend the weekend hiking, doing yoga, and soaking up the beauty of the West coast from its eagles to its orca whales.

At the end of each day, you’ll find me curled up by the wood stove lost in a book.

One of the things I love about a good read, is getting caught in the suspense of the story. Someone I know finds this suspense so uncomfortable that she reads the book’s ending before beginning.

This makes me wonder how many people don’t go after their dreams because there are no guarantees things will turn out as desired. They want to know ahead of time that their efforts will be rewarded.

The rewards come in the doing.

Whatever challenges you overcome, whatever skills you acquire along the way, whatever new people and places you expose yourself to are your rewards. When you get to your dream, guess what? Another one appears

You can’t imagine all that is possible for you. You have to set your sights on one thing at a time, trust fully that you can do it and have the courage not to stall. Once that goal is accomplished you’ll be able to dream an even bolder dream because you’ve grown so much along the way…..your reward. If you’re unclear about your dream, my 6 day program is designed to help uncover it.

Don’t be afraid of this work, it will free energy that is inside of you. The pain that’s created by avoiding your life’s work is far greater than any pain created from the actual work itself.

There is something you’re longing to do. What is that thing? Taking steps, even small steps, always leads to success. The ending will be a happy one.

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