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The beauty and the heartache April 24th,2016

I’ve been in San Francisco this week soaking up the beauty of this city; its incredible Victorian architecture, the Golden Gate Bridge, its streetcars, and its fantastic cafes.
Like many big cities there is also a lot of homelessness. It’s made me think about the importance of community and the need to support each other.
Rolf Gates, one of my favourite teachers said to me once, “it only takes one person to really see you for who you are, to change everything for you.”
Everyone needs to feel seen, heard and cared for…everyone needs the support of community. Our lives have become complex and our need to uplift each other is greater than ever before.

What is your dream? What are the things you do to nurture yourself and how do you give back and serve others?

By supporting yourself, you have the energy and the ability to be there for others. As a result, we all live better lives full of love and compassion.

I’m completing the work on my Crystallize Your Vision online program. It’s been a huge learning curve for me as I try to re-create the intimacy and caring we experience with each other live in an online journey. I’m exploring lots of new ways to stay connected to each other. Nothing will ever replace the intimacy of being close to one other but this is for the times in between.

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