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What’s Your Mission?

Your Teachers Are EverywhereI’m a big fan of taxi drivers.They have interesting stories to share about their city and its people, and great political insights into their countries of origin.  Their work also turns them into good judges of character.

Today’s taxi ride helped my clarify my mission.

I’ve just left the Yoga Journal Conference in San Francisco. My weekend was full of inspiring workshops and teachers.

From time to time, I’d ask myself, “As a teacher, what is it I really want to share with people?”

Thinking is such an enormous waste of time. I know that what is important will always come to me.
It came to me this morning from Mer, my new taxi driver friend.

Mer….So,Gloria, do you work?
Me…Yes Mer, I teach yoga.
Mer… Oh, you are a teacher. That is good because you smile a lot and have a lot of joy. That way people can learn from you.
My English teacher scared me. I could not learn from him because he made me scared.

So, there it is. I always believed  that what I really want to share is JOY. And Mer, my messenger for the day, just gave me the thumbs up.


Yoga For A Broken Heart

Seane Corn

Today, I attended one of Seane Corn’s workshops that was new to me, “Yoga for a Broken Heart.”

What touched me most was how this workshop came about.  Seane’s father, who has now passed, asked her to teach this class within six months of his death to help her process her grief and to learn how to help others process theirs. We’re talking about all kinds of grief here, from heartache to loss.

The workshop was as emotional as you would expect it to be from the title. Just as we were all reaching for more and more kleenex, Seane reminded us that the pain/grief we were all feeling is only as big as it is because we were lucky enough to have loved that big.

It is key to stay present with your emotions and not disassociate from them because grief will build up inside you. Our unprocessed emotions can manifest as anxiety, depression, stress related illness and can fuel our addictions.

Thankfully, the gift of yoga and the guidance of wise teachers like Seane, can help us feel the grief and move back to love.