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Listen to Your Internal Cues

I’m fascinated with why anyone would want to track their sleeping habits. Do you really need an app or device to tell you that you slept poorly last night? Great, now you have one more thing to worry about all day long- you become concerned about personal achievement even in sleep.

Do you need something to measure your activity level?

I sit at my desk all day = inactive

I take time to exercise = active

Mystery solved.

There are heart rate monitors and all sorts of gadgets I could buy, but I feel pretty well connected to my heart beat. I want to encourage you to pay real attention to yours. It is a powerful indicator for what is right for you, what you feel passionate about, or what scares you. If you’re interested in whether or not you’re in your “fat burning” zone, I’m pretty sure you can figure that out too. Sitting on the couch is not fat burning. Unsurprisingly, movement is.

Take back control of your life by taking back control of your internal cues.

When you feel tired, rest. When you feel hungry, eat. When you feel too sedentary, it means you’re being too sedentary.

We are already very disconnected from all the internal signals that would lead us to a more gratifying and peaceful life. Log off and go inward.

Sat Nam