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Are you really ready for Valentine’s Day?

You’re about to be bombarded with paper hearts, red roses, rom-com movie releases and Hallmark cards.

I love flowers but there is nothing less personal than getting flowers on Valentine’s Day (you’re off the hook again Scott). Spontaneous displays of affection are way more meaningful.

Send me flowers when I least expect them or when I really need them. Anyone had a tough day lately? Wouldn’t it have been great to have gotten some flowers then?

You can do this too. Put your priorities back at the top of your list. What is important to you? Who is important to you? Does that person know how you feel?

Unsolicited TLC is the best kind. Thank you to the people who surprise us with unexpected visits, flowers, thoughtful notes, but most importantly for their ability to see and hear us. Sometimes what we need most is a sympathetic ear, one that is one hundred percent advice free. We cherish the opportunity to share something or get something off our chests.

The work never ends, and time never comes back.

Relationships don’t dissolve over night. The end begins with the neglect of the self.

Feeling burdened, stressed and burnt out doesn’t foster loving feelings.

You’re more likely to feel like telling your loved one to go solve their own darn problems than being a supportive partner.

Your capacity to love others is limited by your capacity to love yourself.

Self care is fully in your hands.

If you’re not caring for yourself, you can never be fully receptive.

Check in this Valentine’s Day and see if you might need to fall in love with yourself.