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Vancouver, BC – The Mystery And Mastery of Kundalini Awakening Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is designed to create fast and lasting results. It will free you from your subconscious fears and self-imposed limitations. It will access a strength you’re not even aware you have, and put you on a path of freedom and purpose. These immersions will help you develop your own personal practice through chakra balancing work, and give those on the teaching path powerful tools to teach.

Each Kundalini Yoga Module was created with a particular chakra focus to resolve the corresponding imbalances you’re experiencing in your life.

The courses are not intended to be taken sequentially. Trust that you have landed exactly where you were meant to.

This is an ever-expanding offering of courses because our internal work is never done. Everything we achieve or fail to achieve is a direct result of how dedicated we are to our inner work.