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What Are You Going to Let Go Of?

You want something new in your life, but there is no room for anything new.

You are already full of outdated patterns of behaviour and outdated beliefs. You have left no space for anything new to come to you.

Before you start obsessing about what “more” you want in your life, make a list of what you’re ready to let go of. Are you ready to let go of your negativity? Are you ready to let go of your anger?

They say we only really live twenty years. It is during that time that we grow. After year twenty, we just keep repeating the same patterns of behaviours, and gravitating towards the same likes and dislikes.

Are you ready for something different in your life? Then you have to get unstuck, and grow past twenty.

You have to let go of your judgments and you have to release your fears, particularly those that lay deep in the subconscious.

Thankfully, there is a method that addresses all of this. It is a daily practice of yoga and meditation. Have I stressed “daily” enough lately? I’m not asking you for 90-120 minutes of your day but you’re going to have to dedicate something, no matter how small, to your personal well being. Put some effort into your happiness and fulfillment. The people you live with and hang out with will really appreciate a happier you. If you can’t do it for yourself then do it for the people you love.