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More AHA moments August 14th,2017

There are many things in life you know to be good for you but don’t follow through on. Yoga is one of those things. You know you should practice consistently but too often you let something get in the way. Sometimes it’s the guilt of taking time for yourself that gets in your way and sometimes it’s just not understanding that yoga takes many forms. Yoga is not just your ninety-minute sweaty practice on the mat. Yoga is also sitting still and bringing the focus to your breath for a few minutes. Whether you move your body or sit in stillness, the body, mind connection is re-established and you return to peace. If time is tight and you’re too worked up to sit still, then try three rounds of san salutations. After all, why wouldn’t you want a few moments of peace and calm in your day? You’ll be surprised how those few moments of calm, can affect all your interactions. Instead of rushing into your day, you set the tone for peace and calm.

One of the things that keeps you from practicing yoga consistently is that you want to avoid self-responsibility. It’s why you fill your days with noise. Even moments when you’re alone, you resist being with your own thoughts. That’s why we’ve established addictions to our phones…they’re amazing at keeping us completely disconnected from our “inner work.”

I don’t have a hate on for technology by any mean,  because without it, I wouldn’t be able to connect with you. But everything has an off button. Develop an “off button” for yourself. Establish a time that is completely yours and if that time needs to change every day so be it. Be a flexible yogi and roll with life gives you. If you can’t practice one morning, practice in the evening. How your practice looks is irrelevant.

When you practice, you experience moments of quiet connection of body, mind and soul. You become fully conscious, fully “aware.” You can spend days, weeks and months, chasing after peace, happiness and fulfillment but you’ll never receive as much wisdom as when your body, mind and soul are in perfect alignment in that place of peace and calm.

You’ve experienced this “place” before, I’m know you have. It’s one of the reasons you keep coming back to yoga. It’s that bliss state or “AHA” moment that has the ability to change your life. Start listening to the wisdom that’s trying to get your attention.

That information comes to you slowly, and it reveals itself to you, as you need it.

I believe what you need is always available but it only comes to you over time…when you’re ready. And this, is why you have to keep going back to your practice. It’s to discover the next insight, your next “AHA” moment.

If you’re still looking for someone to save you…for someone to step in and fix your life. They don’t exist. What we can do for each other is to support each other, love each other and uplift each other to take personal responsibility for the state of our lives and our relationships.

And as Wayne Dyer would say, just strive to be a better person than you used to be.

How are you going to tap into that place of peace and calm? What’s your strategy? For me it’s getting on my mat, day after day, whether I feel like it or not. And the truth is, within three breaths, I come back home to peace, calm and everything I need.



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