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Life Changing Practice or just a good stretch? January 14th,2015

Without discipline there is no freedom. If you practice yoga occasionally, say once a week, you will have a “nice stretch” and maybe even get a “good sweat.”

That doesn’t even scratch the surface of what a regular yoga practice can give you. For your life to be headed in the right direction, you need to get in touch with your authentic self. Your yoga practice takes you inward so that you can discover who that is. Do you  remember who that person is? Do you remember they

once had hopes, dreams and aspirations?

It just takes a few deep breaths to get right back to the person you intended to become. Let your yoga practice, a true practice, take you there every day so you stay on course and don’t end up living someone else’s dreams or idea of success.

Discipline is Freedom…freedom to become who you intended to be. Freedom to live your life in a way that makes your heart beat faster with joy, even on the tough days.


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