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It’s Not An Emergency May 14th,2017

If it’s not an emergency, don’t raise the alarm.

Crises and emergencies are going to happen… it’s the stuff of life. So, stop sweating the small stuff and save your strength for when a real crisis hits.

How many unnecessary arguments have you had in your lifetime? How many sleepless nights over things that in retrospect really weren’t worth losing sleep over?

Is your level of worry or anger appropriate for the situation at hand?

How often do you blow things way out of proportion?

When you don’t free yourself of the past, resentments build and anxieties turn into crippling fears, making everything in your life feel like a crisis or an emergency. You can’t live in this constant state of stress.

Grace and ease

There won’t be just one crisis in life, there will be many, and sometimes they may come so quickly there is no recovery time between incidents.

Grab hold of those moments of calm and lengthen each one by deepening your breath. Slowing your breath down, eases the pressure. It creates a sense of spaciousness; it brings clarity and peace. Don’t bring your anxiety or your volatility to an already stressful situation.

Your worry and your over-reactions serve nothing!

Worse than that, your worry feeds everyone’s fears.

Every crisis and each emergency, holds some potential for transformation.

There is always a gift, a lesson, a teaching that comes with pain. Breathe deep, stay open, and become aware of what needs to transform.

Simply keep calm and carry on.

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Sat Nam

Gloria Latham






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