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I’m Coming Home September 04th,2016

I’m coming home! I’m excited to get back to our Semperviva community and to work with   Ana Forrest, and Tiffany Cruickshank who are at Semperviva Yoga for the very first time.

The past year has been a whirlwind. I’ve been lucky enough to spend lots of time with our community in Vancouver, as well as introduce Kundalini Yoga, Semperviva style, to many communities around the globe.

The past two months, in between teacher trainings, I’ve been hiding away on a tiny Greek Island, putting the finishing touches on my new online course, Breakthrough Your Blocks and unlock your potential.

Working with students globally has made me hungrier than ever to find ways to build and maintain strong connections with students. Relationship is everything.

By inspiring and supporting each other we stay committed to what’s real and true for us.

Without support, we can fall into the trap of “busy.”

There isn’t time for everything in your life. Everything you choose to do, exacts a price. What are you prepared to give up some of your precious life for?

Another summer is gone. Did you do the things you intended to do?

It’s easy to say, I didn’t have time but is that the real reason you didn’t take a risk or try something new?

This fall, in my new online program, Breakthrough Your Blocks, I explore the chakra blockages that keep you stuck repeating the past instead of living to your potential.

It’s time to take the journey inward to discover how you block your way.

I look forward to seeing you back at yoga very soon!

May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You.

Sat Nam,


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