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Have a Safe Trip March 18th,2015

I watched the film, “A Five Star Life” on my recent flight to Tulum. The parting scene stayed with me and I want to share it with you. It won’t give the story away so don’t be afraid to read on. It simply reminds us that what brings us joy and a sense of well-being can only be determined by each one of us individually. Don’t buy into anyone else’s idea of “a perfect life” and believe it will bring you joy. Strike out onto whatever path leads you to your bliss, even if that path looks rocky and tricky to navigate. Let your life be a great adventure.

“Now that you’re about to leave the place where you’ve spent some time, take a few seconds to evaluate your experience. Did it match your expectations? Would you recommend it to others even if you have felt uncomfortable or lonely?

You’re still in time to choose in the future, a more comfortable and protected solution maybe more suitable to the needs of a family. It is well to keep in mind however, that happiness and well-being are strictly personal concepts.

For some people, the sense of freedom and adventure is an essential part of the experience.

Trust your instinct, the route to take is up to you.

Have a safe trip.”





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