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Finding Home Wherever You Are June 26th,2016

I’ve been on the road for about a week now and there is a temporary lull in my schedule as I await our Teacher Training students to arrive in Greece.

I’ve found myself in some familiar places and some cities and towns completely new to me.
Wherever I go, I know that I can always find a home in a local yoga studio.

This week I took my first class in French in a quaint studio in Nice – Art Yoga.
Language doesn’t matter; the language of yoga is universal. We communicate through a feeling that is created by the teacher’s tone of voice, the sound of the inhale and exhale, and the energy of the other students in the room.

That is one of the greatest gifts yoga gives us; a welcoming home and community wherever we go.

To date I’ve taken classes in Japanese, French, Greek and Spanish. This week I may even try an Italian class. My French teacher graciously threw in some English to help me along but I wasn’t fussed about getting everything right, just soaking up that good yoga vibe…coming home.

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