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Ask yourself this July 05th,2016

I took the long route to my island home this summer. I stopped for workshops and Yoga Raves along the way from Amsterdam to Rome. My focus for the next two months will be working with students to deepen their experience of yoga and to reconnect with themselves. Essentially, to slow their world down.

Everyone is stripped down to the bare basics here on this remote little island. It’s just you, your yoga gear and a swimsuit or two. Whatever you identify with back home, doesn’t apply here…no fancy car, no job title, no status symbols. It’s you, a phenomenal group of like-minded people from all over the world, sunshine and the bluest seas. It’s a place that connects you to simplicity.

When you remove yourself from your regular routine, and strip away the clutter and busyness it’s easier to find space for your own thoughts.

Who are you? Independent of your role at work and home, who are you?

I ask this question of myself and my students, again and again…”have you become the person you intended to be?”

Step away from your stuff, your roles, and all your gadgets. Get quiet through meditation or get out into nature so you can really listen to yourself again. After all, you are the greatest authority of your happiness.

Have you become the person you intended to be?

If you couldn’t make any of my Teacher Training and Immersions in Greece this Summer, I now have a series of online programs available to students worldwide – starting in September 2016. Please click here for more details.

Finding Home Wherever You Are

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