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What is Your Next Chapter?

Your Next Chapter is a 40-Day Online Kundalini Awakening Yoga Immersion to help you reinvent your life through powerful 30-minute daily practices — without the
guru worship, headstands, or awkward poses.

Watch the video below to learn more about Your Next Chapter

Does this sound like you?

You want MORE for yourself and MORE from your life.

  • You want to level-up and reach your full potential — in your career, at home, as a parent, as a partner, as a human.
  • You want more spaciousness, energy, inspiration, and joy in your day-to-day.
  • You want to be connected to a higher version of yourself — one that doesn’t get swept away by everyday stress and pressure.
  • You want to become the best version of yourself.

In fact, you long for all of this deep down in your bones.

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And it’s not like you haven’t tried…

You’ve tried so many things to change your life.

Such as…

  • Self-help books
  • Life coaching
  • Talk therapy
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Tapping
  • Personal development courses
  • Self-care routines
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Crystals
  • Manifestation
  • Essential oils

And the list goes on.

Despite your best efforts…You’re living in SURVIVAL MODE, barely crossing the “finish line” at the end of each day.

  • There’s a HEAVINESS weighing you down — physically, emotionally, and mentally — and you can’t get motivated like you used to.
  • You feel UNFULFILLED & UNINSPIRED — something is missing or off.
  • It’s as if you’ve lost your energy for life.

You don’t feel like yourself.And you may be thinking…

  • “I’m not sure what I want anymore.”
  • “This isn’t how I thought my life would be.”
  • “Is this all there is for me?”
  • “I want to get my energy back.”
  • “I know what I want, but I’m afraid to even say it out loud.”
  • “I want to make changes, but I don’t have the energy.”
  • “I can’t get out of this rut.”
  • “My life is good. I shouldn’t complain. But I can’t shake this feeling of being incomplete.”

“I wish someone would just tell me what to do to feel better.”

How do you get back to feeling like yourself again-and FAST?

…so you can regain your enthusiasm and energy.

The solution is to turn inward.

Because, no matter how you try, the answers will never be found outside of yourself. This is why most efforts at change fail, or the results don’t last more than a few weeks. Lasting change is an INSIDE job — one that only YOU are qualified to do.

The journey is not about “fixing” yourself — because you were never broken.

It’s about rebuilding and accessing your CAPACITY.

The capacity that has been lost in the stress and uncertainty of the last few years.
The capacity that has been blocked by years of denying what you truly want.
The capacity to go from being an “I’ll do it someday” person to being an “I’ll start today” person.

The capacity that every human being is born with:

Your Kundalini Energy

What is Kundalini Energy?

Your Kundalini Energy is

  • …your life force
  • …your capacity for change
  • …your courage to take action
  • …your true potential
  • …your innate greatness
  • …your destiny

Your Kundalini Energy is the FUEL that will reignite your passion for life, so you can CREATE life on your terms — and be able to ENJOY it to the fullest.

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Unlock your Kundalini Energy with Chakra Activation Dont' miss your last chance to SAVE $500!

Is Chakra Activation the missing piece?

In order to create lasting change and fulfill your unique destiny, you need an OPEN CHANNEL to tap into your Kundalini Energy.

You access your Kundalini Energy through Chakra Activation.

But, what is a Chakra?

And why does it matter to you?

A Chakra is an Energy Center in your body.

  • The Chakra System is your ROADMAP for personal development.

  • Any struggle or challenge in your life can be connected to a Chakra IMBALANCE.

  • And blocked energy in the Chakras inhibits your ability to engage FULLY with your life.

Is Chakra Activation the missing piece?

7th Chakra: Crown Chakra

When this Chakra is


    Oneness, Enlightened, Self-Realized & Connected


    Lonely, Confused, Overly Attached to Material Things & Disconnected

6th Chakra: Third Eye Chakra

When this Chakra is


    Wise, Intuitive, Focused & Self-Trust


    Confused, Questioning Yourself, Scattered & Self-Doubt

5th Chakra: Throat Chakra

When this Chakra is


    Honest, Open, Authentic & Heard


    Afraid to Ask for What You Want, Closed-Off, Inauthentic & Misunderstood

4th Chakra: Heart Chakra

When this Chakra is


    Compassionate, Forgiving, Accepting & Generous


    Grief, Jealousy, Unworthiness & Even Hatred

3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra

When this Chakra is


    Driven, Clear, Confident & Energized


    Low Self-Esteem, Excessive Anger, Indecisive & Unfulfilled

2nd Chakra: Sacral Chakra

When this Chakra is


    Vibrant, Creative, Healthy & Valued


    Impulsive, Unstable, Depressed & Lacking Intimacy

1st Chakra: Root Chakra

When this Chakra is


    Safe, Secure, Grounded & Content


    Anxious, Fearful, Numb & Uneasy

Now that you have an overview of the Chakra System and how
it directly affects your life…

Let me ask you a questionAre you holding yourself back from what you truly want?

So many people spend their entire lives denying their dreams.

Pushing their deepest desires to the bottom of the pile.

They spend more time talking themselves OUT of what they want, than they spend actually working toward it.

Telling themselves…

What they want doesn’t matter.

They’re too busy.

It’s too big of a risk.

It’s selfish to invest in themselves.

They’re not good enough.

Are you denying your dreams?If so, it comes with a cost…

  • The short-term cost of denying your heart’s desires is a loss of energy and vitality.

  • The long-term cost — regret, burnout, and even breakdown.

  • If any of this sounds like you, please know you are not the problem.

The problem is, you’re trying to solve a deep issue with strategies that only scratch the surface.

The most important question is…What do you want?

Are you afraid to even ask yourself that question?
Are you afraid of what the answers might be, if you’re completely honest with yourself?

Only YOU know the answers.

But, based on my work with thousands of students, who may be similar to you, I believe:

  • You want emotional PEACE — so you’re not living in reactive mode.
  • You want DIRECTION — so you know you’re on the right path, even when things get rough.
  • You want CLARITY — so you know exactly what you want and who you are.
  • You want GUIDANCE — so you can stop wasting time and money on methods that don’t work.

You want a step-by-step system to get it.

And you don’t want to spend one more day waiting to fully live your life.

You want results now.

Give yourself just 30 minutes a day on the mat for 40 days to change your entire life.

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Unlock your Kundalini Energy with Chakra Activation - spots fill up fast!
Give Yourself this opportunity
to activate your full potential.

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Reinventing Your Life with Kundalini Awakening Yoga A 40-Day Online Immersion.

When you join Your Next Chapter, you get 40 completely new and unique 30-minute daily practices. Reserve Your Spot Today - Spots fill up fast!

These practices include the 4 core elements of the Kundalini Awakening Yoga System for Transformation:

You will embody a NEW WAY OF BEING.

Here’s How the 40-Day Your Next Chapter
Journey Unfolds…

  • Day 1

    Set Your Burden Down

  • Day 2

    Reset Your Mind

  • Day 3

    Your Core Essence & Your Real Dream

  • Day 4

    You’re Stronger Than You Know

  • Day 5

    Break Down Your Walls

  • Day 6

    What You Want

  • Day 7

    Commit to Change

  • Day 8

    Keep the Passion for Your Dream Alive

  • Day 9

    Honor Your Word

  • Day 10

    Who Let You Down? (Learning to Trust Again)

  • Day 11

    Whose Permission Are You Waiting For?

  • Day 12

    What’s Your Why?

  • Day 13

    Rewrite Your Story

  • Day 14

    Give Voice to Your Dream

  • Day 15

    The Real Barriers to the Next Chapter - from Limiting to Limitless Beliefs

  • Day 16

    Why Nothing Changes

  • Day 17

    Let Go of Judgment, Worry & Perfectionism

  • Day 18

    Release Stored Anger

  • Day 19

    Empower Yourself

  • Day 20

    Be Who You Really Are (Drop Your Story)

  • Day 21

    When You Move Toward Your Vision, It Moves Towards You

  • Day 22

    Give 100%

  • Day 23

    Your Future Self

  • Day 24

    See Your Blind Spots

  • Day 25

    Drop Your Excuses

  • Day 26

    Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

  • Day 27

    The Breakthrough You Most Want and Need

  • Day 28

    Self Expression & Accelerating Manifestation

  • Day 29

    Balanced Goals

  • Day 30

    Unconditional Love

  • Day 31

    Receive /Self Mastery

  • Day 32

    The Mind/Body Detox

  • Day 33

    The Negative Mind

  • Day 34

    The Positive Mind

  • Day 35

    The Neutral Mind

  • Day 36

    The Voice of Your Soul

  • Day 37

    What Changes Do You Need To Make

  • Day 38

    What Else Do You Need To Release

  • Day 39

    Not Giving Up Now

  • Day 40

    Your Journey Through the Chakras

When You Join Your Next Chapter, You Get:


    40 Prescriptive & Unique Classes

    An entire collection of daily 30-minute classes that include physical practice, breathwork, and meditation


    Private Community

    Access to the worldwide online course community for questions and discussion, as well as a members-only Facebook Group.


    Lifetime Access

    For as long as the course exists, you have access. That means you can return to the classes again and again.


    Yoga Alliance Approved YTT

    If you’re on the teacher training path, you may earn 60 credits for completing this program.

Your Bonuses

Pay in Full Bonus. Reserve Your Spot Today!

Lifetime Access to the
Chakra Shake Up Challenge Classes

  • Class 1

    Shake Off Your Anxiety

  • Class 2

    Shake Off Your Heaviness

  • Class 3

    Shake Up to Uplevel Your Life

  • Class 4

    The Comparison Cure
    Break the Habit of Self-Doubt & Set Your Energy Free

Your Next Chapter Digital Journal

A beautifully designed journal to help you take your journey deeper, and examine + integrate the shifts you’re experiencing on the mat.

Enroll Now to Get Your Copy

Pay-in-Full Bonus

Lifetime Access to Freedom from Fear Value $397 USD

This pay-in-full bonus course is a 4-week Kundalini Awakening Yoga experience for people of all fitness levels, who want to release fear, develop resilience, reset the nervous system, and connect to the wisdom of the body, without a huge time commitment.

Reinvent Your Life

Don't Miss Your Last Chance to Save $500 - DOORS CLOSING MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!

Payment Plan

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$150 USD

$97 USD

Pay in Full + Get a Special Bonus

Save $500

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$997 USD

After 40 days, you will unlock access to Freedom from Fear (a $397 value) — only when you pay in full.


Hi, I’m Gloria Latham Kundalini Yoga changed my life

I just knew I wanted MORE of it in my life.
  • I spent 12 years of my life focused on my career as a pharmacist — running nonstop after goals that weren’t even mine.
  • By all appearances, I was “successful.” But on the inside, I was hanging on by a thread.
  • That’s when I discovered Kundalini yoga, and a single workout on a VHS tape changed my entire life.
  • I felt like I took the first deep breath of my life during that class.
  • I didn’t know what I had experienced, or how it worked. (Honestly, I didn’t care.)

Here’s the “secret” and the reason you might have tried yoga and meditation but haven’t gotten life-changing results…

Yoga isn’t about holding poses.

  • Yoga is meant to unite you to the divine.
  • Yoga IS life. Life IS yoga.
  • It’s meant to be PART of your life, how you LIVE your life, how you EXPERIENCE yourself and the world.
  • It’s not something you can only enjoy at a retreat in an exotic location, or in complete silence and under perfect conditions.

t’s a practice, meant to be repeated, and experienced anew every day.Kundalini Awakening Yoga is your ultimate tool for personal growth…

  • My approach combines breathwork, movement, meditation, mudra, and self-inquiry.
  • When you combine these elements, your daily practice becomes more than a “yoga class.”
  • A single daily practice addresses your body, mind, and spirit.

Most importantly…Your practice becomes a pathway to your truest, highest self.

What if the answer you’ve been seeking all of these years is already there?

What if the answer isn’t constantly “improving” yourself, but rediscovering yourself?

What if the answer is to simply be who you are meant to be?

That is the practice.

And I’d love for you to join me…Secure Your Spot Today!

Is Your Next Chapter
right for you?

Your next Chapter was created for you if…

  • You’re disengaged from your own life, feeling zoned out and numb, and you want to be excited about your life again.
  • You know changes need to be made, but you’re too tired to even think about it. And you want to summon the courage and energy to take consistent, inspired action.
  • You experience decision fatigue nearly every day, and you want to stop spinning and make decisions with confidence and clarity.
  • You often live in a stress response, fight, flight, freeze, or fawn, and you want to heal your overtaxed nervous system.
  • You’ve been expressing more anger and frustration to your loved ones lately, and you want to reset your relationships.
  • You’ve broken so many promises to yourself, and you want to regain trust in yourself.

Your next Chapter is not the right fit for you if…

  • You’re unwilling to spend 30 minutes a day for 40 days healing yourself from the inside out.
  • You give up as soon as something is challenging.
  • You’re perfectly content with who you are and how your life is going, and you wouldn’t change or improve a thing. (This is wonderful, but I suspect you wouldn’t be here if it were really true.)
  • You enjoy spending lots of time and money on methods that don’t resolve the core issue, and you have years to spend patiently waiting for results.
  • You won’t try anything new or different, even though what you’re doing isn’t working.
  • You expect change to happen to you not because of you.

Here’s what my students say about Kundalini Awakening Yoga…

From someone who pushes herself to the limit to embracing my limit…

“It has been a learning experience for me, being connected to the practice and my body and accepting what I can do that day. It’s kind of an evolution for me actually — from someone who pushes herself to the limit to embracing my limit.”

Francine Dubuc, Soul Leadership Coach & Kundalini Awakening Yoga student

My mind gets out of the way…

“After my mom passed, I couldn’t even do Ashtanga yoga anymore. I would just collapse. I needed something to build up my energy because I felt like I’d lost my life force. With Kundalini Awakening Yoga, because you use mantra and the movements are repetitive, my mind gets out of the way.”

Angeline Engelbrecht, Yoga Teacher & Kundalini Awakening Yoga student

I don’t know the person I would be if I didn’t do my practice every day…


“I don’t know the person I would be if I didn’t do my practice every day. I’m more trusting of myself. I love myself more. Kundalini Awakening Yoga reminds me daily that this is my life. I’m showing up for it. I’m committing to it. I’m awake for it.”

Cassandra Podborski, Financial Manager & Kundalini Awakening Yoga student

It brought me freedom, Which is really what I was looking for…

“At the time, I was just surviving, and I wanted to thrive…My vision for my life was very different from what it was. Kundalini Awakening Yoga has helped me get a healthy body, mind, and spirit. I felt like I had more space to do the things that I loved. It brought me freedom, which is really what I was looking for.”

Carolyn Cushing, Healing and Empowerment Coach & Kundalini Awakening Yoga student

Why might you want to learn from me?

Gloria Latham worked as a licensed pharmacist for almost a decade before discovering true health through the practice of yoga and meditation.

She’s now one of the most influential forces of Yoga Teacher Training globally and is best known for her transformational Online Immersions and Retreats that help students powerfully break through emotional and physical barriers.

Gloria is a Lululemon Global Ambassador, a frequent presenter at Yoga conferences and festivals worldwide, as well as Gaia TV and Yoga International. She founded Semperviva Yoga-which served the community in Vancouver, Canada for 25 years.

Trusted By


Yes, this course is eligible for 60 hours of Yoga Alliance Approved Teacher Training.

The period of 40 days is a traditional number for transformation. And it is a good amount of time to form and solidify a habit and routine.

Yes, that’s what I recommend if you want to get the fastest and most profound results. Taking just 30 minutes a day for yourself will save you enormous amounts of time and stress later.
You have lifetime course access, so you can always return to the immersion or any individual classes later as needed.

You will receive an email receipt and an email with your login information. If you’re already a student, your course will be in your portal waiting for you once you sign up.
The immersion classes go live October 4th.

You get access to Your Next Chapter Immersion and the bonus Chakra Shake Up Challenge classes are available immediately.
If you pay in full, you receive access to Freedom from Fear. This gives you plenty of time to complete Your Next Chapter first, which is what I strongly recommend.

You have access to all 40 classes, any bonuses you receive, and the journal for the LIFETIME of the course.

No worries. This immersion is not focused on your flexibility, athleticism, or the ability to hold a pose. You show up on the mat and do what your body can do on any given day.

The meaning of Kundalini is often misunderstood, but it’s simple: Your Kundalini Energy is the greatness you’re already capable of. It’s not a skill you need to build. It’s not a habit you need to break. It’s not something about yourself that you need to fix. It just IS. Your Kundalini Energy is there inside you waiting for you to AWAKEN to it. In order to fulfill your destiny, you need to awaken to your Kundalini. And that is the ultimate goal of all yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is generally safe for pregnancy with modifications. But because I can’t be there with you in person to recommend modifications, I do NOT recommend you do this immersion while you are pregnant.

While most yoga is focused on asana (poses), Kundalini Awakening Yoga is focused on inner transformation: It is a JOURNEY of inner and outer healing and transformation. It is about learning a practice on the mat that prepares you for your practice off the mat — also known as your LIFE. It is about connecting to the CORE of your humanity.

Kundalini Awakening Yoga is a proprietary system that combines physical practice, meditation, mudra, mantra, and breathwork. The system helps you bypass your chattering mind, so you can clear subconscious blocks. It is not about holding a perfect pose or sitting still for hours at a time. These practices can be done in just 30 minutes a day and are not focused on holding static poses or sitting still.

Live calls can be a great way to connect as a community, and as a member, you may be invited to special live sessions throughout the year. However, the real work is done on the mat. The process of transformation is unique to you. So, through the practices and self-inquiry journal, you will experience change. You get access to your course right away, so you can get started immediately. One class will be released each day for 40 days.

Reinvent Your Life

Don't Miss Your Last Chance to Save $500 - DOORS CLOSING MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!

Payment Plan

Save $53/month

$150 USD

$97 USD

Pay in Full + Get a Special Bonus

Save $500

$1,497 USD

$997 USD

After 40 days, you will unlock access to Freedom from Fear (a $397 value) — only when you pay in full.