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I’m not a morning person June 01st,2016

I’m not a morning person and yet I find myself willingly waking up earlier and earlier. There’s a stillness in the early morning hours that I have come to crave.

It’s a time to connect with my own thoughts before I become caught up in everyone else’s.

The night owl in me has issues with this, so I’ve stopped watching the clock.

I don’t want the clock to dictate whether I should feel tired. The only thing I’ll let the clock dictate is being on time for commitments I’ve made with other people.

These early morning hours, 2 ½ hours before sunrise are referred to as the “ambrosial hours”. In yogic scriptures they say it is the time where “auric protection” is strongest and prana/life force the most concentrated.

On a practical level, it’s the time of day where the rest of the world is still asleep so there is less noise and fewer disturbances; no one is looking for you at that time of day!

Before you head out into the world its important to do your “internal work”. As Robin Sharma says: “The way you begin your day determines how you live your day”.

Your internal work can include yoga, meditation, journaling…essentially just be with yourself. Connect with your values, reflect on what you’re grateful for and make sure the things you’re about to race out and do have meaning and value for you.

Don’t lose yourself by not spending time with yourself.

It takes 40 days to establish a new habit pattern, like waking up earlier.

I have lots of great yogic tools to share with you for installing the habit of yoga, mediation and self-reflection into your days.

You can learn more about these breakthroughs in my live courses, and online training.

May the long time sun shine upon you.

Sat Nam


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