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Game Changer October 21st,2013

I was eight months into my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course, and ready to quit. I loved the practices but the teachings seemed too dogmatic.It was right at this critical moment that I met my mentor and soul sister, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. What was the game changer? It was when she played a Beatles song right in the middle of our yoga practice. It was so foreign to play anything other than Sanskrit or Ghurmeki mantras that I was blown away. I was surprised but also reconnected to what I found in yoga. It reminded me why I had started my journey in the first place…to bring me back to joy.

I’m honoured to be hosting Gurmukh at Semperviva this weekend. She has kept me on the path of yoga and inspires me to never quit…to never give up, ever!

Come dance, sing, sweat and reconnect to joy,




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