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Your Roadmap to Success November 10th,2019

If you’re in tune with the self-help “gurus”, you’ll have heard the buzz around:

• Morning routines & rituals

• Habits- breaking old ones, creating new ones and habit stacking

• Ice baths and cold-water therapy

• Meditation- your #1 productivity tool

Did you know ALL of these practices already exist in the Kundalini Yoga tradition? All of them!

And that’s why I’ve stuck with this path. But I’ve made some changes…

Kundalini Yoga is your roadmap to success.

I’ve spent over 20 years taking the most potent practices from Kundalini Yoga and developing them into a system that creates dramatic life change, fast! It seems to take a crisis to get serious about radical self-care and when you’re this close to burnout you don’t have time to waste trying different methods to see what might work.

This is a time-tested tradition. And, I’ve made it even easier for you to get results in my Self Mastery Series Online Courses.

Check out this workbook and the meditation for emotional balance I created for you.

Sat Nam,

Gloria Latham

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