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You Know What You Need… July 08th,2019

Over the past couple of months, I’ve shared my personal journey with yoga practice, and how it led me to create the four Self-Mastery Series courses which are…

● Crystallize Your Vision
● Breakthrough Your Blocks
● Heal Your Heart
● Master Your Mind

In this short video, I share how all four courses work together to create change in all of the areas of your life:

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In the video I share:

● How the courses form a system that helps you breakthrough your barriers, experience true intimacy, learn to live by the guidance of your higher consciousness, and end self-sabotage for good.
● Why my favourite part about the whole process is our community.
● Why the Self-Mastery Series is both self-led and supported — and how to know which course is right for you now.

Sat Nam,


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