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Wondering why you keep doing things that are bad for you? October 17th,2019

Ever heard that it’s not wise to make decisions based on your emotions? That it’s better to be rational than it is to be too emotional. I’m willing to bet you’ve heard some form of this “logic” throughout your life. Maybe you’ve even said it to yourself, or to your friends and family. And it seems like good advice…right

Here’s the problem: Relying entirely on your intellect to make decisions is a trap. Why?

Because your rational mind justifies your behavior. It spins a tale about why you don’t have to do that thing you know is best for you, after all, you have a perfectly valid excuse. It rationalizes your every move…even the self-sabotaging ones.  

I’m not saying to completely ignore this part of your mind. But there’s another part that’s often ignored. It’s your “truthful” mind…the part of you that FEELS what’s right and wrong for you. 

In this brief video I share:

• Why relying on your intellect alone can keep you stuck…
• The real reason most people give up on meditation and yoga…
• Why you might be disconnected from your truthful mind…and how to reconnect


Sat Nam,

This is one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves…

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