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Why Love Feels Like a Struggle June 03rd,2019

Let’s talk about love.

What image or thoughts immediately popped into your mind?

Maybe your romantic partner, or spouse.
Maybe your children.
Maybe your pets.

These are all normal responses. And I wonder if you also had any of these instant reactions…

Love is HARD.
Love hurts.
Let’s NOT talk about love, Gloria.

I get it. I went through a time in my life when I didn’t want to examine my role in my relationship. I was entirely focused on either blaming my partner outwardly, or seething inwardly. I didn’t want to face the “real” issues. And besides, I thought all the “real” issues were his.

I’m not afraid to say: I was wrong! Let me tell you why…

In this short  video, I share how developing true intimacy with another person means examining your relationship with yourself:

watch now

In the video I share:

● What those aspects you can’t stand in others really mean about you
● Why “self-love” is overrated — and what to focus on instead
● How healing your heart is the elusive key to finding balance in all areas of your life

Sat Nam,


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