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What it really means if you’re controlling in relationships July 14th,2020

Can a chakra be too strong?

Yes. When it comes to your third chakra, too much strength equals too much ego. An overpowering third chakra can even make you a bully in your relationships.

On the flip side, a weakness in the third chakra leads to a poor sense of self and playing the victim in your relationships. You may find yourself constantly striving to do more and be more to prove your worth.

Click here to watch a brief video where I share:

• Why awakening your Kundalini energy is the key to becoming magnetic to love…

• The real cause of control issues in relationships and how we use control as a coping mechanism for this emotion…

• Signs of a third-chakra imbalance, how it presents itself in your relationships, and one simple exercise to balance it…

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Gloria Latham

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