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The Answer to Every Question January 25th,2015

When it’s not your problem to solve, the answer always seems clear. Your friend gives away the answer to their own question in the tone of their voice, their facial expression, their body language, and especially in their choice of words.

Our own questions are more difficult to answer because we are emotionally hooked to the outcome. Without a stabilizing daily practice, we are at the mercy of our subconscious fears, outdated beliefs, and habits. We are too close to the “subject” (ourselves) to be objective.

Meditation and “moving meditation” (yoga) give you the clarity you need to better direct your life.

These practices increase your self-awareness. You are finally able to see things from a new and clear perspective. You feel the emotions but are less reactive. You can sit with discomfort until the answer comes and the way becomes clear.

The answer to every question is in the stillness, the place where you experience peace, calm and clarity. That place is inside you. Close your eyes, and keep going inward towards the stillness until you understand. There is no expert on you outside of you.

You must choose what makes you happy, what brings you peace.

Sat Nam




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