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Stop trying to meditate…try this instead March 03rd,2019

I felt conflicted in my studies of Kundalini Yoga but didn’t want to quit because of the life-changing benefits I was experiencing.

Here’s the thing, before you can get the benefits, you have to do the practice. (And I say practice, instead of class intentionally.)

Before I could get any benefits, I had to let go of my ideas about exercise, yoga, and what it should look and feel like.

Kundalini Yoga takes many first-time students by surprise. But if you stick with it, you’ll soon be convinced of its power.

In this short video, I share why even dedicated yoga teachers struggle for years to develop a consistent meditation practice, and what I do instead to experience deep states of peace:

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In the video I share:

● How Kundalini Yoga accelerates subconscious cleansing while strengthening your nervous system
● Why facing what was once buried and hidden fuels your personal growth
● Why I disagreed with my teachers because I wanted to make Kundalini Yoga more accessible

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