An Invitation
To Complete the Self Mastery Series

with Gloria Latham

What is ONE thing that if you did it this year,
it would change your life?

Bring to mind one thing that if it happened for you,
it would change everything.

This level of personal transformation
is absolutely possible…

IF you have a system to focus your mind, clear your blocks and raise your energy.

Here’s what makes this different…

It’s about aligning

  • The thoughts you think
  • The words you speak
  • What’s in your heart
  • How you’re moving in the world

If any one of these areas is missing, it creates disharmony that can show up as anxiety, discontent, financial instability, or other forms of dis-ease.

This is what’s been missing.

Fortunately, the universe is conspiring to get you back on track.

I’ve spent more than 20 years refining these ancient physical and energetic practices to create a system that takes you from self-sabotage to self-mastery… so you can get un-stuck and start experiencing success and fulfillment on every level.

You will experience change as quickly as Day 1 of the practice.

In as little as 6 days, you’ll break old patterns and develop new success-building habits. And when you commit to the full year long journey, there’s no turning back… every area of your life will be completely transformed.

Complete The Self-Mastery Series

Kundalini Online Immersion & Yoga Teacher Training with Gloria Latham

There are four courses in the Self-Mastery Series
each targeting specific chakras (energy centres within the body) to manifest corresponding benefits in your life.

Complete the Self-Mastery Series with special alumni pricing.

Part 1: Crystallize Your Vision… and ignite your passion for your dream

Crystallize Your Vision

FEB-MAR 2020
This course is the catalyst you need for change. It is designed to reconnect you to your passion for your dream and to use that passion as the driving energy to get your dream done. The specific fifth chakra activation included in the course will accelerate your manifestation process by guiding you to clearly communicate your dream and finally ASK for and be ready to receive what you want.

Part 2: Breakthrough Your Blocks... and end self-sabotage




Once you get Crystal Clear on your dream and start moving towards it, you will experience blocks to your manifestation process. The Breakthrough Your Blocks course is situated in the Series exactly when these blocks begin to appear so that you can break free of the subconscious limitations that have kept you stuck for years. You will uncover and free yourself of outdated patterns of behaviour and addictions, and rebuild your self-worth and courage to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Part 3: Heal Your Heart… heal your relationships and create balanced goals




Once you’ve crystallized your vision and broken through the barriers to your success, you begin the heart healing journey. In Heal Your Heart you create balance between your material and spiritual needs, which most importantly includes building deep and meaningful relationships, especially with yourself. You learn self-acceptance, self-expression, and unconditional love. You become fully you and validate that what you’re going after, your dream, is in alignment with your true self.

Part 4: Master Your Mind... to master your life



NOV-DEC 2019

The Master Your Mind course is the culmination of all the work you experience in the Self-Mastery Series. True success hinges on your ability to shift your mental and emotional state and take yourself from self-sabotage to self-mastery. You will Master Your Mind to Master Your Life.

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Self-Mastery Series

Complete The Full Series

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What You’ll Experience...

Taking this course for Personal Growth?

You Will…

  • Get un-stuck in your personal relationships, career, finances, health or anywhere you’re currently feeling blocked
  • Start setting and reaching goals that nourish your soul (instead of pouring your time and energy into things that don’t actually fulfill you)
  • Experience more closeness and intimacy in the relationships you value most
  • Shift from feeling like there’s never enough time – to a sense of time affluence
  • Gain the confidence and courage to show up authentically in the world as who you really are
  • Have more energy and vitality – and feel physically + emotionally lighter than you have in years


You Will…

  • Learn the tools + techniques you need to thrive as a yoga teacher – so you’re no longer sacrificing your health & well-being for others
  • Discover the true key to building community, and classes that practically fill themselves (hint: it’s about showing up fully as YOU)
  • Build the confidence you need to teach authentically – and hold space for deep transformation
  • Discover over 30 unique meditations and 40 exclusive Kundalini Yoga sets for personal breakthroughs (and to share with your students)
  • Let go of any comparison or self-judgment that’s been blocking your confidence… so you feel truly comfortable in your own skin
  • Experience a renewed enthusiasm for yoga – even if you’ve been practicing or teaching for years


The Self-Mastery Series is for students new to yoga as well as those who have been practicing or teaching yoga for years who have yet to experience the transformative power of yoga.

Although this course is not designed specifically for yoga teachers, the Self-Mastery Series is eligible for course credits.

Not only will you learn a NEW way to practice yoga and NEW yoga teaching techniques, you will firmly establish the # 1 foundational tool for personal transformation… committed, daily practice.

You will receive a certificate of completion after each course, so even if you don’t currently plan on teaching, these courses can count towards your Teacher Training course credits when you’re ready.

How It Works…

Here it is… a formula that can change everything.
You no longer have to guess at what to do to get results, the process has been carefully laid out for you.

Each course is 46 days in length, and consists of two parts.
Expect to receive benefits right from Day 1!



The intensity of your first six days is purposeful. You will be taken to your limits so you can transcend those limits! The targeted work of these Kundalini practices on your nervous system and glandular system will change you on a cellular level. You will feel different after each and every practice, and you will feel profoundly different after your six consecutive days of lessons.

  • 90­ min practice video released each morning including a physical practice, active meditation + self­ exploratory written exercises.
  • Email re­cap each evening to review the day, and help you prepare for tomorrow.
  • Dialogue in the private Facebook group and course forum about your experiences, questions & insights.


40 DAYS – 11-20 MINS DAILY

A powerful Kundalini meditation is assigned to you after your immersion to fully integrate and solidify the changes experienced in your first six days of practice. You must complete this short meditation every day for forty consecutive days. This meditation is unique to the Kundalini tradition and incorporates elements of mantra and mudra. This is where the biggest changes happen!

  • You will complete the same 11­ min meditation daily for 40 days. If you miss a day, you start over!
  • New 30-min practice videos will be released.
  • Regular email check­ins to help you stay on track.
  • Dialogue in the private Facebook group and course forum about your experiences, questions & insights.

Why It Works…

  • Immediate Benefits from Day 1

    You will start experiencing benefits of this immersion from your very first practice – and the benefits will deepen over time. You will feel clear and strong, vibrant and free… and more like yourself than you have in years.

  • Physical, Mental & Spiritual

    There are 4 core components of this practice: breathwork, strong physical practices (that are also accessible), meditation, and guided self-inquiry. These work together to create change on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

  • Fits Your Busy Schedule

    Change requires action, and the time to begin is right now.
    All you need is 90 minutes per day for the first 6 days, then 11 minutes per day for 40 days after that – all from the comfort of home. If you can’t join us for the live program dates, you can create your own schedule.

  • Support from Gloria

    I will be there to personally support you every step of the way. Ask me questions in the private Facebook group, or send me a direct email anytime during the program!

  • Yoga Alliance Accreditation

    Interested in teaching Kundalini Yoga? You can combine the online Immersion with other live trainings to receive your 200-hour certification OR earn course credit toward your 500-hour certification.

  • Lifetime Access

    You’ll have lifetime access to your course materials, as well as the private Facebook group. Go back and review your materials anytime, or participate in the program again with a future group for FREE!

Sacred Online Community

You’re Not Alone!

One of the best parts about the Self-Mastery Series is that you’ll be joining a supportive,
inclusive community of heart-centered participants from across the globe that will inspire you with their passion, drive and sense of purpose – and hold you accountable to your goals. We now have participants in over 20 countries and almost every continent. Each year you’ll be invited back to experience the NEW courses with an ever-expanding, nurturing circle of support.

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Hurry! Registration closes June 2nd

Self-Mastery Series

Complete The Full Series

Special Pricing

The Curriculum…

crystallize your vision

Feb-March 2020


  • Create a clear vision that inspires you, and rekindles your passion and excitement for life.
  • Access your deepest desires, and check them against your intuition (to be sure you’re going after YOUR dream – and no one else’s!)
  • Build an inner power so strong that you WILL break through your limitations – including any unconscious blocks getting in the way of the life you want.
  • Accelerate your manifestation process, so your desires show up rapidly.
  • Clear away any doubts, fears and confusion, so you can confidently ask for what you want – and allow yourself to receive it!

    Get ready to cleanse everything that stands between you and your dream! In this module, you’ll address what’s getting in your way – from fear and anger, to low self-esteem. As you release what weighs on your soul, you’ll feel lighter and stronger than you have in years.

  • DAY 2 Commit

    Your naval/third chakra is a storehouse of powerful energy. In this module, you’ll learn to channel that energy into an unshakeable commitment to show up fully for yourself everyday. You’ll burn through all obstacles, so you can turn your desires into manifested dreams.

  • DAY 3 love it into being

    Consider this: maybe your dream hasn’t manifested because it’s not YOUR dream. It’s easy to get caught up in how others think you should live your life, but this isn’t ultimately what will fulfill you. In this module, you’ll bring clarity to your true passions – regardless of the opinions of others.


    Manifestation has two important components: action and receiving. In this module, you’ll create space for insights and guidance to come to you – and learn to tune into life’s synchronicities (which you can’t see when you’re in “go mode” all the time).


    Whatever you dream is possible! But obstacles WILL show up along the way. In this module, you’ll learn to see possibility where you now see only blocks. After all, challenges are simply opportunities for growth, and a test of how important this dream is to you.

  • DAY 6 Ask For It

    Now that you’ve cleared away your doubts, fears and confusion, you can confidently ask for what you want – and allow yourself to receive it. You no longer hold competing beliefs about your dreams, and can manifest your desires with confidence.


 May-June 2020


  • Break free of the patterns that are keeping you stuck – and create NEW habits that support the life, career, well-being and relationships you desire.
  • Drop your story… the persona you’ve unknowingly created that is keeping you from living authentically.
  • Access your Kundalini Energy – your untapped potential – which gives you the stamina and strength to make your dreams a reality.
  • Gain confidence in yourself and your ability to create change, even when old limiting beliefs show up and try to take you out of the game!
  • Make tangible progress toward your goals that will inspire you to keep moving forward.
  • Spend more and more time feeling calm, energized, and trusting that you are always supported and cared for.

    When your will is weak, you feel like a victim of circumstance… and you become easy prey to manipulation, intimidation and guilt trips. In this module, you’ll strengthen your will and reclaim your personal power – giving you back full control over your destiny.

  • DAY 2 Let It Go

    Are you ready to be free of past hurt? Release your fears and anxieties? Break free of addictions to foods, substances – even procrastination? In this module, you’ll let it ALL go. This process will help you get unstuck and experience a state of true freedom.


    Are you locked in repeating behavior patterns that block your fulfillment, and lead to self-sabotage? It’s time to start making choices in life that are clear of your past – and in alignment with your destiny. This module will help you break free of your repeating patterns.


    Carrying unresolved anger from your past in your body + psyche triggers further pain in your future. In this module, you’ll learn a safe and effective way to cleanse suppressed anger – and transmute this negative energy into a higher vibration.


    In this module, you’ll access creative energy to break free of the persona you’ve created to show the world, so you can become your true self again. It’s only in living from this authentic place that you will create a life in alignment with your highest destiny.

  • DAY 6 Recommit

    Doubt and insecurity are signs of third chakra weakness. To get unstuck and become fearless in your actions, you need to continuously build your navel strength. In this module you will build your faith, breakthrough your fears and recommit to powerful life change.


Immersion: Sept 28-Oct 3
Integration: Oct 4-Nov 12


  • Overcome judgment and self-sabotage and begin the journey to self­ acceptance… even self-love!
  • Learn to express yourself clearly from your heart, so you can build relationships based on your true self (NOT the personality you created to please others).
  • Balance your life by re­-aligning with goals that serve both your spiritual and your material needs.
  • Forgive and release the past – so you can move forward with grace.
  • Awaken an unshakeable faith in yourself… an ability to stand firmly in your truth, and own who you are with confidence.
  • Discover that the love you’ve been seeking has been inside you all along – and remove any blocks that have been getting in the way.

    Most of us have yet to accept ourselves, let alone love ourselves. In this module, you set yourself free of your harsh inner critic – so you can finally embrace who you are and cultivate soulful, loving relationships, starting with yourself.


    Are you afraid to speak your truth for fear of not being “good enough?" In this module you stop compromising who you are, and let yourself be seen for the real you. This reconnection to your true self clears the path to create deep connection in all your relationships.


    Forgiveness releases you from the past and allows you to move on with grace. In this module, you shake off residue from hurtful experiences from your past and flush your system of the heavy energies of anger and disappointment, to take back control of your own happiness.


    When you feel unworthy of love, you attract relationships that prove what you believe. In this module, you build back your self-worth with third chakra activation. You will remove your internal blocks to love, and ultimately realize that nothing is lacking.


    A balanced heart chakra allows you to experience a balanced life. In this module, you break the “worry cycle” of material success – and instead focus on the soul satisfying work of bringing your gifts and talents fully to the world.


    Doubt is one of the greatest obstacles to having the loving relationships you desire. In this module, you clear your self-sabotaging doubts, while you activate and rebuild trust in your intuition so you can learn to love fearlessly.


Immersion: Nov 16-21
Integration: Nov 22-Dec 31


  • Quiet the busyness of your mind and learn to access your intuition (the voice of your soul).
  • Feel more connected to who you really are – distinct from the voices of your parents, your teachers, your partner, your boss, and society.
  • Trust yourself again, and feel confident you’re making the best life choices for you.
  • Feel more calm, clear, and focused on a daily basis… even when you’re faced with challenges.
  • Reduce cravings and release addictive tendencies.
  • Experience the benefits of meditation firsthand, and develop a daily practice you can stick to for life.
  • Have more energy and vitality, and feel physically and emotionally lighter than you have in years.
  • Come back home to your True Self

    On Day One you experience an accelerated cleansing of the subconscious to release unprocessed emotion that unknowingly drives your behaviour, creating self-sabotaging patterns and blocking your potential for change.


    On Day Two you come to understand the yogic concept of the “three” minds, and discover how a balanced mind serves your soul. You will specifically focus on the Negative Mind which if left unbalanced will block your success and fulfillment by filling you with anxiety, fear and self-doubt.


    On Day Three you experience the fastest way possible to balance the Positive Aspect of your mind to become action oriented and seize opportunity. You will establish a firm connection to your intuitive mind to access wisdom far beyond your intellect.


    On Day Four you access the Neutral Mind and free yourself from the overwhelming level of stress caused by overthinking. You discover the power available to you through the neutral minds’ connection to your higher conscious, and make it the guiding force in your life


    On Day Five, you tap into the voice of your soul and learn to distinguish it from the voice of your ego through understanding its very distinctive characteristics.


    On Day Six you discover the most powerful meditation tool for self-discovery and learn the techniques to establish self-discipline and create your greatest breakthroughs.


8 Additional Practice Videos

Between each course you will receive two additional 30-minute Kundalini Yoga kriyas (exercise sets) to further integrate the work done in the course just completed – and prepare you to receive maximum benefit from the next course.

Support Between Sessions

When you enroll in the complete series, you’ll be added to an additional private Facebook group for group discussion and Q&A between sessions. This will help you to maintain your momentum, and feel fully supported every step of the way.

Here’s What You’ll Get...

  • Full access to Gloria Latham via the professional course platform, private Facebook group and direct email – to ask questions, and receive additional support and personal insights not offered anywhere else.
  • Thirty-eight Kundalini Yoga practice videos completely unique to this Series. This includes:
    1. Twenty-four completely unique 90-min Kundalini Yoga practice videos – including a physical practice, dynamic meditation + guided self-inquiry exercises
    2. Fourteen 30-min Kundalini Yoga practice videos – to solidify the changes experienced in the first six days of each immersion and to facilitate each 40 Day Integration period.
  • Thirty Kundalini Yoga Meditations – including four, specifically selected 40 Day Meditations that are pivotal for establishing the life changing practice of daily Sadhana.
  • Emails offering practical guidance and support – to help you stay on track and inspired throughout the program
  • Password-protected members’ portal where you can access all of your materials in one place – from anywhere in the world. This course platform is easy to use, and is a safe and sacred space to get your personal questions answered.
  • Private Facebook group to connect with-and create deep and soulful community that will uplift, motivate and support you during your course and beyond to future online trainings and worldwide destination retreats.
  • Credit toward your 200-hour or 500-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification. Please contact us to confirm eligibility or to find out more about becoming certified as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.
  • Lifetime access to your program materials and FB group -You’ll be invited to join all future Self-Mastery Series sessions, as well as be able to pop back into the course platform for a refresher anytime you like. The full Self-Mastery Series, includes a total of 40 completely unique Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, with BONUS fresh live classes available to you each time the program runs.
  • Rapid personal growth as you clear your blocks and awaken your untapped potential (Kundalini Energy) to overcome the limitations of your mind.
  • Exclusive bonus classes, and early bird access to future online and destination training.

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Self-Mastery Series

Complete The Full Series

Special Pricing

What People Are Saying…


Gloria Latham worked as a licensed pharmacist for almost ten years before discovering true health through the practice of yoga and meditation. She is one of the most influential forces of Yoga Teacher Training globally – and is best known for her transformational programs that help students powerfully break through barriers, as well as her highvibing Yoga Raves. As the Director of Yoga Teacher Training at Semperviva International College of Yoga she has trained thousands of students worldwide.

Gloria is a Lululemon Global Ambassador, a frequent presenter at Yoga conferences and festivals worldwide, as well as Gaia TV and founder of Semperviva Yoga Studios – with four locations in Vancouver, Canada. As the Director of Yoga Teacher Training at Semperviva International College of Yoga, she and her team of top Yoga Alliance certified teachers, offer Yoga Alliance certified teacher trainings in Canada, Europe, Asia and Mexico.

Why Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful practice that delivers immediate and life­changing results.

Immediate Benefits – Kundalini Yoga is the fastest route I know to personal transformation.

Guaranteed Success – the goal of Kundalini Yoga is to release your Kundalini Energy, your untapped potential which is already encoded in you. And now, you’ll have the tools and techniques to unlock it.

Inclusive – the simple, repetitive movements are easy enough for anyone to do, regardless of age, fitness level or experience.

Strengthening – Kundalini Yoga taps into an inner strength, that you’re not even aware of, and teaches you how to use that strength to excel in every area of your life from your relationship to your career goals.

Mind-Body Health – It strengthens your nervous system and your glandular system, the guardians of your health while creating a body that is healthy, lean and strong.

Cathartic – releases the toxic, self-abusive patterns and behaviours (judgment, workaholism, binge eating…) and self-limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck for years.

This Self-Mastery Series will challenge you on a physical, mental and emotional level. It will challenge you to change your life and heal your relationships for good.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Self-Mastery Series

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