The Basics Of Kundalini Yoga Vancouver Immersion

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January 21 – 26, 2020

Kundalini Yoga is designed to create fast and lasting results. It will free you from your subconscious fears and self-imposed limitations. It will access a strength you’re not even aware you have, and put you on a path of freedom and purpose. These immersions will help you develop your own personal practice through chakra balancing work, and give those on the teaching path powerful tools to teach.
Each Kundalini Yoga Module was created with a particular chakra focus to resolve the corresponding imbalances you’re experiencing in your life.
The courses are not intended to be taken sequentially. Trust that you have landed exactly where you were meant to.
This is an ever expanding offering of courses because our internal work is never done. Everything we achieve or fail to achieve is a direct result of how dedicated we are to our inner work.

The Basics of Kundalini Yoga

(formerly known as Module 1)
This course was designed to highlight the key differences between Kundalini Yoga and other yoga traditions. The purpose of all yoga is to raise your kundalini energy so that you can live your purpose and fulfill your destiny. The techniques used in the Kundalini tradition fast track you to achieving this.

By the end of our time together, you will know how to access the tools of Kundalini Yoga to create classes and meditations to target your exact personal needs, or those of your students. Access hundreds of kriyas (exercise sets) and meditations to work on all levels of your being.

You will explore Kriyas & Meditations to

• develop your intuition
• reduce your anxiety
• detoxify your body
• release stored anger
• conquer depression
• awaken the heart centre
• balance your chakras and corresponding organs

…and countless other life changing sets that work your body, mind and soul

This course is an introduction to the incredible depth of practices available to you through the Kundalini Tradition. Each module stands on it’s own but it’s highly recommended that you include this particular immersion, The Basics of Kundalini Yoga, in the course offerings you select.
This Module is not offered online.

Your course will include:

• the history and philosophy of Kundalini Yoga
• the chakra system and how to work with this energy to remove barriers to fulfilment in your life
• understanding Kundalini energy and yogic anatomy
• using mantra as medicine and Naad Yoga (the science of sound)
• meditations-active meditations using mantra, mudra and pranayama (breath techniques)
• pranayama methods unique to the Kundalini tradition
• how to teach traditionally and how to develop your own personal teaching style
• keeping yourself and your students’ bodies safe in practice

Most importantly you will develop a personal sadhana, a daily practice, that will be the foundation for the healthy and fulfilling life you’ve been wanting for a long time now.

For 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teachers the credits of the course can be applied towards the 500 hour certification, and is eligible for 35 hours CEU with Yoga Alliance. Continuing Education Units are required to maintain your status as a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Upon completion of this course and full payment, students will receive a Certificate of Completion documenting participation and attendance. In order to be a certified yoga teacher, students must also have completed a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training.

Invest In Your Future $ 995