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On Shortcuts + A Walking Meditation August 27th,2018

The more fast-paced our lives become, the more tempting it is to want to find shortcuts and “life hacks” for everything… 

Believe me, I get it. I’m busy too!

The truth is, there’s no shortcut when it comes to yoga and meditation.

But one of the things I love most about Kundalini Yoga is that it has so many fast-acting, tried-and-true methods that can really transform your life.

I share one of my favourites in today’s short video… 

If you want the benefits of a yoga and meditation practice, but you’re feeling strapped for time, you’ll love the technique I share in this video.

It’s a walking meditation that you can do while on the treadmill – or anytime you can get a few minutes to take a stroll around the block.

Here’s how it works… 

I look forward to hearing what you experience!

Sat Nam,

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