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Letting the past control you?
This meditation will help March 03rd,2020

The number one reason people come to yoga is to heal their pain. And you might immediately think of physical pain. But that’s not the kind of pain I’m talking about. The common thread between my yoga students is their emotional pain. At times, I’d even call it mental anguish. And after digging deeper, I often find their present pain is anchored in their past. 

They come to class looking for a release. Looking for relief. But they’ve been stuck for so long in the story of their painful pasts. This past pain is often the one thing that’s truly keeping them from living their dreams.   

Are you allowing your past to dictate your present and your future? In this brief video I share:

• Why you might be clinging to the past, how it affects you now, and why it may be blocking your success…

• A meditation to clear the toxic and painful emotions of the past…

• How you have the opportunity to drop the past and re-create your vision for your life…

Click here to watch the video.

Sat Nam,

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