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Is Yoga A Religion? February 24th,2019

In my last post, I shared my AHA moment in yoga and how a simple 15-minute VHS was the catalyst for some pretty big changes in my life.

Okay, huge changes — I went from working as a licenced pharmacist to running a natural pharmacy, and then opening Semperviva Yoga and leading international yoga trainings and retreats.

I never saw these changes in my future. I simply knew something had to change that day I snuck home from work early to watch that video.

Before that day, I kept thinking all I had to do was work harder, and everything would be okay. And I became more and more frustrated when I didn’t get the results I expected from all that hard work.

I ended up feeling more depleted with each passing day. Even the workouts I did, hoping to burn off stress, wore me down.

And so this looped me into a vicious cycle of exercise, sugar, and caffeine highs, followed by the inevitable crash and burn. Sound familiar?

In this short video, I share how I broke that cycle and what I discovered in my studies of yoga that made me uncomfortable:

watch now

In the video I share:

● How even my most demanding practices healed my nervous system and left me feeling refreshed
● The conflicting messages that caused me to question yoga
● What being the “black sheep” of yoga means to me and how my approach is different

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