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I’d never been asked this before… March 18th,2020

One of the most common questions I get from my students is: Can I skip the relaxation at the end of the practices? 

That’s why it surprised me when one of my students recently asked if she could extend this part of the practice, the deep relaxation called “savasana” in yoga.  

My answer: YES. Please stay in savasana for as long as you like. 

There’s no problem extending savasana. But if you skip it, you’re cheating yourself.

I used to skip it too. I was simply too busy to “just lie there,” and I was always running from one thing to the next. 

Turns out, I was missing out on the best part of my practice…

Click here to watch a brief video where I share:

• Why savasana is considered THE most important pose to practice and can also be the most difficult…

• The long list of tangible health benefits from savasana, and why it’s especially important after a Kundalini Yoga practice…

• How savasana acts as a buffer between your practice and your next activity…

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